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McClatchy News: Russia uses ‘bots’ and trolls for information war against U.S.

For those of you who live on social media sites and believe just about anything you see posted there (don’t deny it, I can tell from the comments and links I see posted), this latest report from McClatchy News should cause you to question your faith in social media and embarrass you for having been an “unwitting agent” or “useful idiot” of the Russians. Some of our blog trolls may not be who they claim to be. Just sayin’.

But first, make no mistake: we are engaged in a cyber war with Russia, in a new strategy for information warfare:

Andrey Krutskikh, a senior Kremlin adviser, made the startling comments at the Russian national information security forum, or “Infoforum 2016,” held Feb. 4 and 5.

* * *

Krutskikh as a “senior-level adviser” to President Vladimir Putin and “a long-standing player in cyber issues” at the foreign ministry. The official said he couldn’t confirm the details of Krutskikh’s remarks, but that “they sound like something Andrey would say.”

According to notes of Krutskikh’s speech, he told his Russian audience: “You think we are living in 2016. No, we are living in 1948. And do you know why? Because in 1949, the Soviet Union had its first atomic bomb test. And if until that moment, the Soviet Union was trying to reach agreement with [President Harry] Truman to ban nuclear weapons, and the Americans were not taking us seriously, in 1949 everything changed and they started talking to us on an equal footing.”

Krutskikh continued, “I’m warning you: We are at the verge of having ‘something’ in the information arena, which will allow us to talk to the Americans as equals.”

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AZ Donkey Feed Fired Up, Ready to Go!

By Michael Bryan

Some of you may have noticed, and others not-so-much, the widget on the sidebar called AZ Donkey Feed. That is a live feed of the news and information that I take note of every day though my Digg RSS Reader. I follow several hundred RSS feeds from around Arizona and the national media, including traditional media, online, blogs, and institutional and government information sources, in order to get a reasonable picture of what’s happening in the world, with a special emphasis on politics here in Arizona and nationally.

Yes, I know… I might have a problem. But my obsession might save you some time in ferreting through your own rss feeds, bookmarks, and daily web rambling.

However, I will freely admit, I’m also damned lazy. There has been some problems with the link structure in the Arizona Donkey Feed for some time, but I think I finally have it all fixed and running properly. So if you have had some difficulty in the past with dead links, be assured, anything you click on should now land you on the source I intended and not dead link limbo.

The feed should be properly updating from now on – please let me know, if otherwise. So feel free to save yourself some time and benefit from my dysfunctional news obsession. Just click on the big “kiss my ass” donkey in the sidebar to visit my full feed (which you could just bookmark, if you like), or just take a gander at the latest twenty links in the sidebar. Come back often, as I usually update my Digg Reader a few times a day. I know… as the Cheeto Twittler might say, “Sad!”

Live blogging results later today

Blog for Arizona will be live blogging results later today as the AP calls states in the presidential race and in key senate and house races. We may break up these posts by time zones. There could be a substantial delay between polls closing and a state being called by the AP.

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 6.01.35 AM

Our bloggers will also be covering state legislative and county races (Maricopa and Pima), congressional races, and other races of interest.

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 5.51.38 AM

Johnson’s Aleppo Ignorance: Ultimate Disqualification, or Non-Event?

There’s nothing like a campaign gaffe to expose the hypocrisy of partisan political hacks.

And so it is with Gary Johnson’s immediately infamous “Aleppo moment.” For those who didn’t see it, Johnson, the Libertarian nominee, when asked on MSNBC what he thought about Aleppo, inquired what Aleppo was.

For one glorious moment, Republican and Democratic Party hacks were in sync: Johnson is a complete clown, the right and left agreed, completely unfit for the presidency.

So, I asked my Facebook friends if someone who subscribes to the Libertarian philosophy should abandon Johnson in favor of a candidate with an entirely different governing philosophy, all because Johnson didn’t know what Aleppo is. Continue reading

Thanks Phoenix New Times!

Caught up with Steve Lemons last Tuesday and received the “Best of Phoenix” award for the Best Democratic Blog.

"Best of Phoenix" Best Democratic Blog Award -- 2015

“Best of Phoenix” Best Democratic Blog Award — 2015

Thanks, Steve, and Phoenix New Times! It’s an honor.

Blog for Arizona Goes to Netroots Nation!

Netroots Nation 2015 will be at the Phoenix Convention Center this weekend.

Netroots Nation 2015 will be at the Phoenix Convention Center this weekend.

Several Blog for Arizona authors will join 100s of progressive activists in Phoenix this weekend for Netroots Nation 2015– Donna Gratehouse, Steve Muratore, Bob Lord, Craig McDermott, and Pamela Powers Hannley.

Each year progressive activists meet in a city “with issues”. Last year Netroots met in Detroit. Remember when Detroit had its water crisis? NN14 was there– meeting, networking, learning– and marching. NN14 participants held a massive march in Detroit for water rights.

Phoenix was a controversial choice for NN15 because of Arizona’s crAZy political reputation. In the end, progressive activists chose Phoenix because it would give NN15 the opportunity to focus on immigration reform.

Senator Elizabeth Warren will address NN15 on Friday. Presidential candidates Senator Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley will participate in a town hall on Saturday morning. (Sanders will speak at a seperate campaign event at the Phoenix Convention Center at 7 p.m. Saturday night.)

Watch for posts here and check out the Twitter feeds: @BlogForArizona, @P2Hannley, @AZProgressives, @DonnaDiva and others.