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El Dia de San Juan Celebration

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“Join us for the traditional El Dia De San Juan Fiesta!
Saturday June 24 at the wonderful Mercado San Agustin!
The Procession and Blessing of The Santo will open the event with many of our longtime partners sharing their performances with us, Details TBA.
Come participate and invite the rain to come and drench our beautiful Tucson Land!!”

Fundraiser for new Something Something Theater at Delectables restaurant

“Delectables is closing the end of June.
Join us to celebrate this iconic 4th Avenue restaurant.

While there, enter a drawing for two free tickets
to all five of our 2017-18 season plays!

Commit to support local theatre,
while wishing a bittersweet bon voyage
to Delectables Restaurant,
one of Tucson’s all-time primary eateries.

Click link for Info and/or reservations:

We need at least 25 commitments to make this an event.
Thank you.

Something Something Theatre is proud to partner with this fine restaurant on Wednesday, June 21 from 4-9 p.m. to celebrate its many years of offering great food and ambiance to Tucsonans and visitors alike!

Representatives from Something Something will be on hand with information about our upcoming season…
PLUS you can sign up for a drawing for two free tickets to all five of our 2017-18 plays: all critically-acclaimed, all new to Tucson! A package worth up to $220.”

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2017 Summer Solstice Ride

June 20, 6 to 8 p.m.

“It’s the longest day of the year, so let’s celebrate the midway point of summer! Join Living Streets Alliance and Technicians For Sustainability on a casual, friendly bike ride along mostly car-free paths to Dragoon Brewing Co. where we will enjoy cold brews, a food truck or two, some prize giveaways (including a solar battery charger from TFS!) and more. Come thirsty, and drink up! Dragoon will donate one dollar for every pint sold to LSA, this night only!

We will depart from TFS, 612 N 7th Ave., at 6 pm, and return to the same location at about 8:30pm if there is a group wanting to ride together back to the same spot.”

Carolyn’s note: I know this is the summer solstice, but since excessive heat and a high temperature of 112 is predicted for tomorrow, please wear a hat, sunscreen, and bring lots of water with you on this ride.

7 Unexpected Things I Learned During My First Ramadan Dinner

Iftar Ramadan dinner TucsonBeing a product of Iowa, the corn state, I had never been to a Muslim Iftar dinner — the feast celebrated at the end of the of a month of fasting by Muslims worldwide — including Tucson.

To be sure, I’ve been to many Christmas Eves, Seders, Thanksgiving dinners, Fourth of July picnics and Easter sunrise services. But my first Iftar dinner was last Friday night, June 16 at the Sema Foundation in Tucson, where 150 faithful Turkish Muslims gathered in the community event.

The invitation said, “With love & gratitude, we request the pleasure of your company for our traditional Ramadan dinner. Let’s all celebrate friendship together.” My friends and I were honored to go.

Here are 7 unexpected things I learned during my Ramadan dinner.

1. It is a beautiful family event with mothers, fathers and little ones running around. It reminded me of my own family. The signs in the community hall said, “Welcome. Welcome.”

Unsure of where to sit, I decided not to barge into a table of women or all men talking. We saw three seats at a family table and immediately felt at home. I wore a clean white shirt out of respect and felt embarrassed that I had worn shorts.

How could Trump think to impose a travel ban on these wonderful people? Thank God for the Federal Courts that have stymied his evil plan.

I talked with Oğuz, a soft-spoken, stocky man visiting from Los Angeles. I followed his cues and did not touch the delicious spread of dates, hummus, pita bread, dolmades that were clearly tempting everyone. We all waited until the sun went down at 7:38 pm.

2. The meal begins with a sip of cold water. Oğuz said Iftar literally means “break-fast. Anyone from an Orthodox family (Russian Orthodox in my case) knows that healthy adults fast during spiritually significant times, including abstaining from drinking, eating, immoral acts and anger. Muslims also encourage other acts of worship such as prayer, reading the Quran and charity.

3. Fasting for a month makes people appreciate the richness of their daily lives, by denying themselves sweets, earthly pleasures, and even water. We know how precious water is in Arizona.

What insanity possesses the White House to ban these warm, spiritual, welcoming people?

Meanwhile, plates of delicious salad, potatoes, lamb, and rice were served by young women who had covered their heads. There were two beautiful calls to prayer, sung by men with trained, expressive voices.

4. Rather than build mosques which would upset some Tucsonans, the Muslim community blends in and shares their culture at festivals like Tucson Meet Yourself in October. Who hasn’t ordered a baklava with a strong Turkish coffee?

5. They do not build multi-million-dollar garish, marble clad, Trump Tower-like edifices. Islam is a major worldwide faith, not a cult. There are 1.8 billion Muslims in the world as of 2015 – roughly 24% of the global population – according to a Pew Research Center estimate.

Kurdish fighters from the People"s Protection Units (YPG) chat with members of US Special Forces.

Kurdish fighters confer with members of US Special Forces.

6. Oğuz explained that he is a Turkish Kurd, a people who are the fierce fighters working with American forces to wipe out ISIS terrorists. The Kurds have surrounded Raqqa, Syria, and are within two miles of the ISIS headquarters. Things would be going better but Syria’s dictator Assad is bombing them.

Oğuz’s mother is in Turkey, but he says he cannot visit her. Oğuz is part of a resistance movement against monstrous dictator Erdogan, who put his name on an arrest list. The tyrant has detained 150,000 teachers, journalists, police officers, judges, and civilians.

7. The Turkish people did not bargain for this and most informed Americans do not blame them for the takeover by a murderous dictator. This is just as the rest of the world does not blame the majority of ordinary Americans for the would-be dictator who occupies the White House. They understand.

Oğuz is supporting Democrat Steve Farley for Governor, who on June 5 kicked off his campaign to rebuild education in Arizona. As the elected Precinct Committeeman in #238, I too support Farley. Neither of us had name cards, so we wrote down our contact info on pieces of paper.

On the way out I talked with a man holding a tiny baby. I told him I was a senior citizen and looked forward to talking with my son in Chicago on Father’s Day. He said he was 35, was working hard to support his family and his 5-month old child.

I told the father that his son would carry him in his heart as he made his way through life, just as I hold my own father in my heart. My 33-year-old son is a productive citizen of Chicago, with his own apartment and a beautiful long-time girlfriend. I can’t wait to talk with him.

Help support independent Kore Press

“For 24 years, the dedicated staff at Kore, an independent publishing house & literary justice organization, has worked to ensure that women, people of color, queer & trans folks, & other marginalized voices have a forum. This Fall, Kore commits to groundbreaking writing by black women, a Holocaust survivor, & women’s memoirs to keep the arts expansive. With steady threats to vital funding sources, Kore is turning to lovers of literature & justice to sustain its vital work.”

They are hosting an Indiegogo campaign to raise $20,000 to keep their presses running.  So far over $1900 by 22 donors have pledged their monetary support to Kore Press.  Donate here:

More info at website: “Literary justice, empowering women”.

New magazine in town: The Time is Meow!

There is a new magazine in Tucson!

“Hello fellow desert dweller!

Whether you were born and raised in Tucson, or its weird, dusty awesomeness stole your heart during a visit, you know how uniquely special our city and surrounding region is. We do, too!

MEOW Magazine is a fiercely independent, multimedia* lifestyle magazine celebrating the uniqueness and diversity of the modern Southwest Borderlands–the history, culture, gastronomy, arts, and talented, tight-knit community that make it the weird and wonderful place we call home. We’re up and running online and will launch our first print publication this fall, 2017. We hope you’ll consider supporting an independent, educational, and seriously entertaining publication as unique as our region, by contributing to MEOW’sIndieGogo start-up campaign.

* digital, video, audio, print, events — all with their own editorial but interacting and supportive of each other.

MEOW is being founded by Katy Gierlach and Jared McKinley, who are no strangers to publishing. Having participated on many levels in local magazines, including the launch of one of the more successful periodicals in Tucson, we know what it takes to get a new publication going. However, we are aiming to do it a bit differently than it has been done in the past.”

Video on Meow launch:

 $1400 raised in a few days by 20 backers, with goal of $34,000. Help start this new independent digital magazine. Website for articles : Print edition coming soon too.