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Rep. Powers Hannley: 2017 Legislative Report Card (video)

Rep. Pamela Powers HannleyIn 2016, I ran for the Arizona House on a platform of economic reform, equality, and tackling the opioid epidemic. I stood up to big-money politics and ran as a Clean Elections candidate, despite much advice to take the money and run.

I am honored that you elected me on Nov. 8, 2016. This year in the Legislature, I fought for fairness and stood up for your rights with my voice, my votes, and my bills.

I am running for re-election in 2018. As a Clean Elections candidate, I have pledged not to take big-money donations from special interests. This is my report card to you, the voters of Legislative District 9. It has been an honor to serve you.

Economic Reform & Public Banking 

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I Think I Prefer Thucky

For months now, John Huppenthal has been commenting here in his own name. At first, it was noteworthy. No longer. Now, he’s just a fallen, disgraced politician. Instead of taking a hard look in the mirror and taking the steps needed to rebuild his reputation, he’s chosen to wallow in the very same conduct that exposed him for what he is, with the only exception being the removal of the alias that concealed his identity (well, sort of). What Anthony Weiner is to sexting, John Huppenthal is to blog trolling.

The reasoning here is breathtaking. Coming from Falcon9 or Thucydides, “Thucky” as he was known here, his comments were considered ignorant and offensive by BfAZ readers. When exposed as John Huppenthal using the pseudonyms Falcon9 and Thucydides, his comments were considered ignorant and offensive by the public at large. Yet he believes the same comments posted under his real name will be considered something other than ignorant and offensive.  It’s like Anthony Weiner placing his name next to his dick pics and thinking “Problem solved. Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggedy-dog.”

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Conspiracy loons hijack AZ House elections hearing with bogus “election fraud” allegations

A bunch of people showed up to testify at the Arizona Legislature about last Tuesday’s Presidential Preference Election debacle in Maricopa County, and while many of them did have important and factual points to make, others were like this guy:

Sanders supporter
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Could it Be True? Has Thucky Returned?

I know, I know, it could be an imposter seeking to punk us.

Nonetheless, I’m positively brimming with excitement.

You see, a commenter going by “John Huppenthal” posted a comment to one of the BlueMeanie’s posts yesterday. BlueMeanie’s response was as you would expect: flat-out mean. There’s a reason for that monicker, you know.

But I sure hope he hasn’t chased our old friend away.

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New Times: Thucky 9th Douchiest Arizonan in 2014

It all seems like a distant memory now, but it was a mere 6 months ago our friend Thucky was making international news.

How fitting that he made the Phoenix New Times list of the douchiest Arizonans in 2014, taking 9th place.

Here’s the write-up:

John Huppenthal is a longtime east Valley lawmaker, and most recently the state’s Superintendent of Public Instruction. It was a colossal failure on his part to lose his bid for reelection in the GOP primary against Diane Douglas, who critics claim isn’t qualified for the post. But Huppenthal earned every negative vote with his social-media sock-puppet stunt.

In true cowardly fashion, the elected official — using a handle of “Falcon9” — took to the comment sections of local blogs to write, among other things, how people on welfare were “lazy pigs” and that Mexican-restaurant menus should be written only in English. Most shamefully of all, though, was how Huppenthal broke down and cried at a news conference after he’d been caught, showing the public he’s a complete wuss.

And remember this pic?



Ah, what a ride!

Dupilicitous Doug “Tooth Fairy Math” Ducey — Arizona’s demagogue of the year

Cross posted from the Arizona Eagletarian

There were few genuine surprises in last night’s debate between the nominees from the two major political parties for Arizona governor. DuVal presented intelligently with characteristic poise. Ducey was persistently evasive, as his manner is.

Really, those bottom line impressions are entirely what you can expect from each candidate until the election AND for the one who emerges victorious, it’s what you can expect throughout his term as chief executive of Arizona state government.

On the economy the Republican earned a new nickname, Doug “Tooth Fairy Math” Ducey. Arizona Republic reporter Yvonne Wingett Sanchez summed up the debate thus,

As governor, Ducey says he would recruit companies from California and Illinois, eliminate unnecessary regulations and eventually do away with the state’s personal and corporate income taxes by reforming the tax code. The income taxes account for nearly half of the $9 billion that flows into state coffers each year.

Lame. Tired. Worn out. GOP bullshit. Cut taxes and eliminate regulations. And what would he have to offer companies from Illinois to relocate to Arizona? Tax incentives.

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