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An Evening with John Nichols of The Nation, March 10 (video)

John Nichols, Pamela Powers Hannley, and Phil Lopes

Author and historian John Nichols, Rep. Pamela Powers Hannley, and former Arizona Senate Minority Leader Phil Lopes at PDA’s John Nichols event in 2017.

The Tucson Festival of Books brings hundreds of authors to Tucson each year. For politicos, one of the hottest tickets at the Book Festival is author and historian John Nichols of The Nation.

If you want to hear Nichols speak in an informal setting– away from the Book Festival crowds, come to the IBEW Hall on Saturday night, March 10. Progressive Democrats of America (PDA Tucson) and the Pima Area Labor Federation (PALF) are hosting their annual An Evening with John Nichols. I am proud to be the warm-up act for Nichols again this year. Doors open at 6 p.m.

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Trump inspired Christmas tune parodies

The Russia collusion investigation into Donald Trump has inspired a few new Christmas tune parodies this year that people have forwarded to me (I know that there are more out there on the Internet).

The first is a remake of the children’s Christmas tune “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.” Listen to “I Want a Papadopoulos For Christmas” from Rocky Mountain Mike.

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.02.50 AM

The second is a remake of Eartha Kitt’s classic “Santa Baby” which most of you are probably more familiar with by Madonna. This is a sing-along “Mueller Baby” which is witty and fun. My favorite. Watch the video.

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 5.56.35 AM

Rocky Mountain Mike also has a parody of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Listen to “The Twelve Days of Trumpness.”

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.13.37 AM

If you want to draw attention to other worthy Trump inspired Christmas tune parodies, post a link in the comments.

Thucky on Double Secret Probation, Again

Nearly four years ago, back when most didn’t know Thucky’s true identity, I had to place him on double secret probation. That occurred because Thucky was playing it fast and loose with his “facts.” But it was mostly in jest, because I knew the world would want to know who our friend Thucky was.

Well, he’s returned to old form, and this time his double secret probation is not a joke. We all know the carnival barker behind the curtain. There’s no need to play along any further.

Here’s what ole Thuckarooskie tried to pass off as fact in a comment:

Compare that 10% to the crushing burden you all advocate on small business women. 39.6% federal, 12.4% social security, 2.4% medicare, 5% state and 8% sales tax = 67.4%. Not enough left to drive business growth.

There’s not a grain of truth in those two sentences.

I’m going to give Thucky one week to identify each and every element of intellectual dishonesty in those two sentences, and apologize for them, in a comment to this post. Should he fail to do so, he’s outta here.  Continue reading

Laughing Liberally & Political Candidates at Hotel Congress: July 31 (video)

Jason Jones and Pamela Powers Hannley

One of the high points of the DNC2012 for me was being interviewed by Jason Jones of Comedy Central. (I wasn’t nutty enough to get on TV.)

Laughing is good for your health.

Laughing Liberally is good for your health, good for your mind, and good for democracy.

Laughing Liberally political comics regularly perform around town. Tonight– July 31— the comics will perform at Hotel Congress at 8 p.m. The twist for tonight’s event will be the addition of tabling politicians like myself. Come on down! Have a laugh, meet the candidates, and enjoy an evening of politics and laughs.

In honor of tonight’s event, check out my one and only Laughing Liberally performance from 2012. I had the honor of blogging the 2012 DNC for the Huffington Post.  Hear about my experiences below, and come to Hotel Congress tonight to catch some laughs and meet fellow progressives.

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#RandyRainbow on the #TP Presidential Ticket: ‘We’ve got trouble’

Randy Rainbow

In any normal presidential election year (when I’m not running for office myself), I would have been hunkered down in front of the TV watching the Republican National Convention (RNC) this week.

But since I have had campaign events every night, I have had to depend upon social media and the lame stream media for my news. From what I have seen, the scene in Cleveland, my hometowm region, has been a wild ride. For a light-hearted look at how dire the situation is. Check out Randy Rainbow after the jump.

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