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SCOTUS upholds Tucson city council election system

Can we finally stop hearing from Tucson’s Whiny Ass Titty-Baby Tea-Publicans how the City of Tucson’s city council election system is unconstitutional?

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected a petition for review from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upholding the City of Tucson’s city council election system. End of the road, whiners.

Howard Fisher reports, US Supreme Court affirms Tucson’s method of electing council members:

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rebuffed a bid by a group representing some Republicans to void the system of nominating council members by ward but having them elected at-large. The justices gave no reason for their ruling.

Monday’s action is the last word in the multi-year bid by the Public Integrity Alliance to have state and federal courts declare that the practice was an unconstitutional violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution. Attorney Kory Langhofer, who represented the challengers, argued that the system gave some voters more power than others and, in some cases, effectively nullified their votes.

But that contention was most recently rejected by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

“Tucson’s hybrid system for electing members of its city council imposes no constitutionally significant burden on voters rights to vote,” the appellate court concluded. “And Tucson has advanced a valid, sufficiently important interest to justify its choice of electoral system.”

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‘Fence Sitter’ Martha McSally has got to stand for somethin’

Rep. Martha McSally’s short political career has been most notable for her gravity-defying fence sitting, trying to maintain her perch on the fence having it both ways without ever taking a principled stand on anything. She literally stands for nothing.

It’s long past time for you to get off the fence, Martha: “You’ve Got To Stand For Somethin’, or you’re going to fall for anything” (John Mellencamp).


The Arizona Daily Star’s Tim Steller writes today, McSally’s tentative Trump support galvanizes Dems:

Whichever way U.S. Rep. Martha McSally turns, there’s a trap.

If she supports President Trump’s initiatives, that galvanizes the already-energized Democrats and potentially puts her seat at risk in 2018. If she rejects Trump, she turns off the 44 percent of the Congressional District 2 electorate who voted for Trump, the base of McSally’s GOP.

It’s a trap she’s long tried to avoid in the southeast Arizona district that has gone to both Democratic and Republican candidates. On Aug. 31, the day candidate Trump visited the Mexican president and gave a dark anti-immigration speech in Phoenix, she declined to say whom she would vote for in the presidential election, saying “My vote is between me and God and the ballot box.”

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Progressives launch Justice Democrats

David Weigel reports at the Washington Post about a new Progressive Democrat organization. Progressives launch ‘Justice Democrats’ to counter party’s ‘corporate’ legislators:

Cenk Uygur, founder of the Young Turks video network that has become virally popular among progressive voters, is launching a project called Justice Democrats to defeat members of the Democratic Party who have cast votes seen as unacceptable.

“The aim in 2018 is to put a significant number of Justice Democrats in the Congress. The aim for 2020 is to more significantly take over the Democratic Party,” Uygur said. “If they’re going to continue to be corporate Democrats, that’s doomed for failure for the rest of time.”

Justice Democrats cohered after the 2016 election, when Uygur began talking to veterans of the presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) about ways to challenge Democrats from the left. The Justice Democrats project counts Saikat Chakrabarti and Zack Exley, two tech veterans of the Sanders campaign, among its founders; their first goal was to provide the infrastructure and resources for progressives who wanted to challenge “corporate Democrats.”

In the near term, that meant finding people who could run against the 13 Democratic senators who opposed a Sanders-backed measure to make it easier to import prescription drugs from Canada.

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CD 5 Recount – things are going to get ugly

On primary election night it looked as if “Go Daddy Girl” Christine Jones may have finally spent enough of her personal fortune to buy a congressional seat in the CD 5 GOP primary, after losing previous elections.

biggs-jonesBut after the last batch of ballots were processed and uploaded onto election computers on Saturday, “Go Daddy Girl” came up nine votes short to state Sen. Andy Biggs, who got his personal fortune by winning the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes.

This means that the CD 5 GOP congressional primary is headed for an automatic recount, and things are going to get ugly between these two. The Arizona Republic reports, Christine Jones questions 9-vote loss to Andy Biggs; race is ‘far from settled’:

Congressional hopeful Christine Jones, who lost the Republican primary by just 9 votes to state Sen. Andy Biggs as the final votes were tallied early Saturday, is questioning the ballot count and seeking more information about how it was conducted.

The Biggs campaign accused the Jones campaign of sowing seeds of doubt about a fair and secure counting process. Biggs and his team called for transparency, while predicting his victory will be upheld. Biggs campaign attorney Kory Langhofer called it “gutter politics.”

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Some primary surprises (and some “not surprises”) on Tuesday…

By Craig McDermott, crossposted from Random Musings

Note: All results are tentative and subject to change as late-arriving mail in ballots and provisional ballots are counted.  Most races seem settled, though there are a few that may flip.  And at least a couple seem headed for recounts…

Note2: Results from Maricopa County-specific races are from the website of the Maricopa County Recorder; results from races that cover other counties or the entire state are from the website of the Arizona Secretary of State.

Note3: The geographic descriptions used are for reference only, to give a general idea of where a district is located.  They are not, nor are they meant to be, definitive descriptions of the geographic area covered by a particular district.

I actually think that the a few of the primary results will serve to help Democrats make some gains, but this is turning out to be a weird electoral cycle.

In other words, no predictions.

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Secretary of State Michele Reagan screws up again

On Monday I read this blurb from the AP that Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan’s office says her technology team has launched an enhanced website to show voting returns from all 15 counties Tuesday night in real-time. New Arizona election reporting system to debut Tuesday.

My first thought was, “Oh no! Something else Michele Reagan can screw up this year.”

So how did it go? Just as you would expect from the queen of election screw-ups. ‘Error’: Arizona’s new elections site struggles in debut:

MicheleReaganThe Secretary of State’s Office, which oversees statewide elections, was supposed to be issuing the early results of races across the state close to 8 p.m. Tuesday.

Instead, the website produced this message: “Error.”

The website continued to intermittently produce results throughout the night, occasionally producing messages saying, “This site can’t be reached” and “Service unavailable.”

A spokesman for Secretary of State Michele Reagan, when asked about the error messages around 8 p.m., told The Arizona Republic the office was “working on” the issues.

Hours later, Matt Roberts told The Republic he couldn’t say with certainty the root of the problems. He said it was unclear whether website traffic contributed to the problem, but issues uploading files from some county recorders delayed results.

You probably should start with your office’s “technology team” that built your web site.

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