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2017 El Tour de Tucson unofficial results

From Perimeter Bicycling website for 106, 76, 54, 37 and 28 mile rides :

I apologize for the late posting but I have a good excuse. Been sick with bronchitis this week, so Even Bloggers Get the Blues.  I also missed the Tugo Bike Share launch yesterday at Catalina Park.

Congrats to all riders.

Sorry, Thucydidees is not Okay

This is a short one.

Our friend, John Huppenthal, has taken to commenting under a pseudonym again. This time, Thucydidees, an intentional misspelling of Thucydides.

I’ve made an executive decision here, at least for purposes of my posts. If John wants to comment using a pseudonym, he can do so, but it has to be “Thucky.” That’s the name we know him by here.

Fair enough?

New Sanders Video Featuring Yours Truly

For those interested, Bernie Sanders’ team has a new video out, which includes a few clips from an obscure Arizona tax attorney. Were I not so technologically challenged, I’d have the video embedded here, but I’m afraid the best I can do is paste in a link.

Bernie Sanders’ Facebook page


Meet the Next Congressman to Replace Motormouth McSally

Find out which Democratic congressional candidate has the best skills to beat Martha McSally at the CD2 Candidate Forum on Oct. 26 at Rincon High School, 421 N Arcadia Ave, Tucson, AZ 85711.

Candidates include:

Matt Heinz –Chastened, a Data-Driven Matt Heinz Wants Another Shot at McSally

Ann Kirkpatrick – Kirkpatrick joins the list of Democrats running for McSally’s congressional seat

Billy Kovacs –Billy Kovacs Congressional Kickoff 

Mary Matiella – Mary Matiella, retired assistant secretary of Army, enters CD2 race (Blog for Arizona article coming soon!)

Bruce Wheeler – 7 Reasons Why Bruce Wheeler Can Beat McSally

Constitution Applies to All

I was honored to do the coin toss for Military Appreciation Night at a high school football game recently. Thankfully, the loss of the toss didn’t determine the outcome of the game for the home team. They went on to win the game and I enjoyed the opportunity to talk to many of the other veterans who had attended the game.

One Air Force vet thanked me for my service and after some small talk, he told me how horrible he thought it was for NFL players to “take a knee” during the National Anthem. I told him I had a different take that I’d like to share with him.

I said my perspective was that I had served to ensure those players had the freedom to exercise their First Amendment rights. He hesitated a second and then said “well, I just don’t think it’s right”. I told him that I didn’t think the Ku Klux Klan’s views are “right” nor do I like how they express them. But, to paraphrase what Michael Douglas’ character said in The American President, “I may hate to the core what you say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it”.

I believe those football players who “take a knee” have as much right to make a statement in any legal way they see fit, as the Neo-Nazi protesters in Charlottesville had to express their displeasure with the statute removal. But…when such expressions turn dangerous and deadly, that’s another matter entirely.

To all those who claim they love our country and support our Constitution, I say you can’t pick and choose who gets to enjoy the rights bestowed on citizens of these United States. Millions of servicemembers paid the ultimate price because they believed in our ideals. We best honor their sacrifice by continuing to live by, and protecting, those ideals.

Cartoon of The Week



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