Craig McDermott


Craig McDermott

Craig is an active Democrat (elected PC, LD officer, state committee member) who’s lived in Arizona for more than 16 years. He became politically active in 2006 when Harry Mitchell ran against and defeated then-Congressman JD Hayworth. Since then, Craig’s focus has expanded to cover many aspects of Arizona’s political culture, focusing on the profoundly dysfunctional Arizona legislature and state government.

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  1. Hello Mr. McDermott,

    My name is Jacklyne I am a graduate student in the field of public policy at the University of Arizona. I am conducting a statewide survey regarding our recent election and Arizona propositions. As a fellow political and public policy enthusiast I would love to hear your feedback! I hope you will be willing to participate in this survey and moreover, I would love to get feedback from those on your blog. I was hoping after you have a chance to take the survey you would see fit to possibly post a link and a brief description to the survey on your blog. Survey work is hard but important, especially when it comes to public opinion, and this survey will add great value to ongoing research regarding public policy in Arizona.

    The survey is planned to launch this weekend, and it was my goal to find several blogs in Arizona with opposing political views to promote the survey. This way we can assure a true representative sample of the population of Arizona. Appreciate the time you have taken to read this. If this is something you would possibly be interested in, I can send you the link to the survey via email. Just let me know!

    Thank you much,


  2. I cannot believe that not even the party registration for Tiggs, Eddie L. can be identified. This is also true for all the other candidates for whom your article says only; “don’t know much about him.”

    Please at least post the registration for all candidates, so that if we have nothing else to go on at least we know that.

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