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  1. Margaret Houlehan

    At least AZ Blue Meanie realizes the stakes. Bob Lord, not so much. Guess he is enjoying the white male privilege a tad, huh?

  2. Kristin Ronning

    I hope Governor Brewer understands that CPS’s failure to investigate over 6,000 cases is not the only problem. My 7 year old daughter was forensically interviewed by Wendy Dutton from Child Help in Nov, 2013. My daughter disclosed sexual abuse by her Father. The detective from Chandler told me that they could not prosecute her Father on just the word of a 7 year old. I was told they needed a confession from Father or physical evidence. Confession ?? How many cases of sexual molestation leave physical evidence?? My CPS worker told me that if the police weren’t going to prosecute, then they weren’t going to pursue things. CPS recommended that custody be taken from me( I have had custody of my daughter since birth) and be given to Father. CPS did psychological evaluations on Sam(Father) and I. The Dr. who did my evaluation said I was hyper-vigilant ?? in responding to accusations that my daughter disclosed about her Father and that I appeared to be very angry and hostile when talking about Father. How else is a mother supposed to feel about her daughter being sexually abused?

    CPS needs to review their entire system. Arizona needs to change or review their sexual abuse laws and child abuse laws. The police and CPS need to work together and unite their efforts in stopping child abuse.
    When an allegation of child abuse is made, the police should be the first to respond.

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