Citizens Clean Elections debate – LD 3

Candidates for State Senate in LD 3:

Sally Ann Gonzales (State House Rep.) – public

Betty Villegas – public

Rep. Sally Ann Gonzales

Betty Villegas






Candidates for State House:”Additionally, debates will not be held if there is not a participating Clean Elections candidate in the election for that particular office and if there are no requests from a non-participating candidate to sponsor a debate.”  A debate has obviously been requested as the CCEC website lists all 3 Democrats running for House as included in this debate:

Olivia Cajero Bedford (LD 3 State Senator, termed out) – private financing

Andres Cano – private

Alma Hernandez – private

LD 3 State Senator Olivia Cajero Bedford

Andres Cano

Alma Hernandez

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