Mary Rose Wilcox a Question Mark on Environment

Candidate for Congress Mary Rose Wilcox is receiving strong financial support from heavily polluting companies, according to her most recent Federal Election Commission filing. Coal industry backed utility groups including Edison Electric Institute and American Electric Power Committee for Responsible Government have apparently identified Wilcox as a friend, joining a bevy of other utility executives and national fossil fuel interests who have donated to her campaign.

These donations don’t necessarily mean the former Maricopa County Supervisor will be an enemy of the environment, and could be intended more as opposition to her primary opponent Ruben Gallego, who views action on climate change as a moral imperative.

Wilcox fails to list environment, let alone climate change, as an issue priority on her website. One state capitol insider reported that Wilcox is bragging to potential donors about her disinterest in gaining the support of the environmental community, including groups such as Sierra Club, despite their prominence in Democratic circles.

Advocates for clean energy and climate action can only hope Wilcox overcomes these ominous signs should she come out on top on August 26th.

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2 Responses to Mary Rose Wilcox a Question Mark on Environment

  1. Will Greene

    Thanks for the comment Steve. I think you do have to hedge.

    I think you’ll agree under Brandt’s leadership, APS represents a bad actor in the AZ political scene. Take a look at the diversity of candidates their PAC (Pinnacle West PAC) donates to (includes Grijalva, Stanton, Sinema, Chuck Schumer and many many others):

    We both know how great Grijalva is on environment, so I think you have to look at the degree of the association. Obviously a candidate who refuses utility or fossil fuel money would win a lot of respect imo but accepting a check doesn’t immediately make a politician a stooge.

    And the whole thing is a joke in the end. This country so badly needs public financing.

  2. Arizona Eagletarian

    When a candidate tells you who she is, believe her.

    Accepting campaign money from fossil fuel interests establishes the connection. She becomes indebted to them.

    No sense in hedging on that point, Will.