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AZ blue meanieThe Blue Meanie is an Arizona citizen who wishes, for professional reasons, to remain anonymous when blogging about politics. Armed with a deep knowledge of the law, politics and public policy, as well as pen filled with all the colors stolen from Pepperland, the Blue Meanie’s mission is to pursue and prosecute the hypocrites, liars, and fools of politics and the media – which, in practical terms, is nearly all of them. Don’t even try to unmask him or he’ll seal you in a music-proof bubble and rendition you to Pepperland for a good face-stomping.

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  1. Hi Blue Meanie,

    Came across this & thought you might want to post on the blog.


  2. I really enjoyed the compilation of the Toons that were enclosed in the Monday morning release of the For whatever reason, I no longer have the ability to get them.

    Is there any other way that I can secure them? I have been fighting cancer now for the third year and it was one of the things that I really enjoyed. Please advise.

  3. Good Morning Your Blueness. I’d like your opinion on one of John Kavanagh’s new bill , SB 1022. It’s a winner. It adds political beliefs and opinions to the hate crime statutes and requires law enforcement to keep stats on the crimes. I know Sir John reads the blog and I am curious if he has considered the ramifications and costs of this to the community and law enforcement. AZ Cap Times had article in which the Senator said he wrote the bill after seeing a video clip of a Trump supporter being assaulted. All advance opinions negative with questions about his sanity. It is assigned to three committees which usually means it is going nowhere. Just a bill to make a loud statement or an attempt to screw with hate crimes statutes? I know Family Research Council and other anti-gay groups are always coming up with ways to challenge hate crime. Hidden agenda or just blowing off stream? Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks.

  4. Concerned Citizen/taxpayer

    Let’s end this scam, as we head into the next witch-hunt and scam for $$$’s. Tired of the sick political games destroying innocent lives for decades. The gravy train originated in Arizona with the “CDL Prosecutors Manual”, 1985 “The Preparation and Trial of An Obscenity Case: A Guide for the Prosecuting Attorney presented by the Legal Staff of Citizens for Decency Through Law Inc.”, which they spread nationwide.

    The public needs to be made aware of these scams for financial and political gain by law enforcement and prosecutors, and those who profit from the growing “child abuse/child sex crimes industry” and “easy” convictions.

    Re: To Entrap an Innocent”: Florida Police’s Use of Sex Crime and Forfeiture Law Draws Ire: Fl police use sex-crime laws to bait men with no apparent interest in underage trysts | The Atlantic

    Bait and switch. How Florida police use sex crime laws to lure men with no evident interest in committing crimes. THE ATLANTIC from the Marshall Project.

    Incentivized criminal justice: entrapment, forfeiture law, and media. This leads to false allegations, wrongful convictions and wrongful imprisonment, and the destruction of the lives and future of innocent people, families, children and our society.

    “Florida police use sex-crime laws to bait men with no apparent interest in underage trysts. These detectives behaved unethically and shamefully: “After a year-long investigation, WTSP, a CBS affiliate in Tampa Bay, Florida, has uncovered an alarming pattern of police trying to entrap innocent adults in sex crimes. The stings follow the basic pattern familiar to anyone who has seen To Catch a Predator, except “many of the men whose mugshots have been paraded out by local sheriffs in made-for-TV press conferences were not seeking to meet children online. Instead, they were minding their own business, looking for other adults, when detectives started to groom and convince them to break the law.”

    You’re probably thinking, Wait a minute, I’d run from underage encounters. How could men who were really seeking adult sex partners be groomed to break the law?”

  5. Thank you for the information. I did find the rating of judges, however this gives no indication of their actual ruling leanings. Also, justices voting on each other (like doctors) are, I’m sure, very reluctant to blackball a colleague. I would like to pay attention to the judiciary in the future, given the critical nature of rulings on women’s rights, equal rights, discrimination, and all kinds of other significant social issues–I’d certainly like to know which judges are leaning toward Scalia and Thomas. I did a lot of Googling about school boards in Maricopa Co. and Tempe, and am newly sensitized to the way ultra-right wing conservatives are guiding local policies. Please, please, in the future look at putting together a voter’s guide for these local races around the state!!

  6. Is there a source anywhere that helps a dyed-in-the-wool liberal get through the school board and judge portions of the ballot? It seems to me the State Democratic Party–and you folks–are missing a huge opportunity to help with candidate and proposition recommendations. Most of us want to do the right thing, but leave the less prominent parts of the ballot blank. Help!!

    • Both Craig McDermott and I have already done posts on the 3 statewide ballot measures.

      For school boards, we have covered the TUSD and Sunnyside school boards here in Tucson. What school board race are you asking about?

      For Judges, the state commission that rates and evaluates judicial performance for Arizona has found two Superior Court judges unfit to remain in office: Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Benjamin Norris, who serves on the family-court bench, and Pima County Superior Court Judge Catherine Woods, a juvenile-court judge, were found to be below the state’s Judicial Performance Review standards.

  7. I have a story for you, the VA and CPS are not the only state entities that are screwed up in the state. I have first hand expierence of how DES is corrupted and have proof of cover up. Please contact me for the details.


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