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Donkey Feed for August 15th, 2018

By Michael Bryan

It’s time for a healthy snack of news and information. Stick your head through the fence and don’t bite the hand that feeds you, this is the Donkey Feed.

First an interesting graphic for the day. As the Trump (mis)Administration moves to lengthen the period of near-worthless “short term” health insurance plans up to three years, the states, including Arizona, remain more protective of consumers than the Federal Government’s standards:

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Donkey Feed, August 12th, 2018

By Michael Bryan

Please feed the donkeys! I have new stories that you will want to know about today: 4 Arizona stories, 6 National stories, and 2 World stories.

I have a graphic you might find interesting of the number of states that have moved, or could move, to automatic voter registration, and they are not only Democratic states:

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BlogForArizona is a Community, and Communities Have Disputes

By Michael Bryan

We seem to have a split of rather strong opinion on the blog. So I feel beholden to say a few things.

First, I don’t know who is right in this controversy over Mr. Garica’s book, or if there is a definitive “right” here. I haven’t read the book in question, so I have to defer to those who did, and they clearly have varying opinions about it.

That said, BlogForArizona is a community of writers who won’t always agree on everything, and that’s OK. We are not some cabal that consults with each other before we publish to ensure we present a consistent face to the readers. We are going to disagree, we may do so in public, and we are going to piss you off occasionally, and that’s OK.

I only ask that you remain respectful of each other; ultimately, we are all (mostly) Democrats here and have to stand together after the votes are all counted.


Problems contacting BlogForArizona? Do This!

By Michael Bryan

We just installed a new SSL certificate, which provides our readers with better security when logging on to BlogForArizona. Unfortunately, it also means that you may have to clear your cache in order to get on the site if you have been visiting us before the update.

In most browsers this is an option in your preferences. Simply go to the application, File, or View menu (it varies by browser) and choose preferences. Look for the option to “clear your browser cache”. This may be in the security tab, or may be under advanced settings. This will clear out saved pages and allow you to get back into the site. Some browsers allow you  to clear the cache of a particular site and they are listed alphabetically; in which case you need only clear the cache for BlogForArizona.

Sorry about any frustration or inconvenience this causes you. Please know that we made this update to protect our readers from malware and snooping eyes, and to ensure that you can continue to find our blog through Google and other major search engines, who are soon requiring all sites to have valid SSL certs to list our pages in their results.

Donkey Feed, August 1, 2018

By Michael Bryan

Here is this week’s first installment of the Donkey Feed. You can see we have an amusing new logo. This week I also added a selection of three books I’m currently reading and would recommend to anyone interested in the sort of stuff I am.

I still don’t have a good qualitative read on how this feature is landing with readers. I can see that people are reading it, but I still have very thin information on how you are using it, if it’s helpful to you, if you have ideas about it that I should hear. So please, leave me a comment if you read this and let me know about your experience and suggestions so that I can make it useful as possible.

We are still in fundraising mode, so if you haven’t yet, and you like this feature, please consider a small (or large) donation.

So put your browser in reading mode, grab a cold drink, put on your specs, ’cause this is the Donkey feed…

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Amazon Affiliate Ad

By Michael Bryan

I’m about to get a little tedious for those of you who know what an affiliate link is and how it works; you folks can just ignore this little note.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s the skinny: I’ve added an Amazon affiliate link to the sidebar. You can click on that link and it will take you to a special landing page on Amazon (though you will not be able to tell, except by looking at the URL). You can then bookmark that page and every time you use that saved bookmark to go to Amazon, a small portion of your purchase (which costs you nothing extra) will be credited to BlogForArizona. You will be helping to support the blog at no cost whatever to yourself except the effort to replace your current Amazon bookmark with our link to Amazon.

If you appreciate what we do here, this is a great (and free) way to support the blog. Please consider doing it now.