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Listen: Racist Rep. Stringer and Zinke vs Grijalva on the Victoria Steele Report Radio Show

Click to hear the Dec. 1 Steele Report with newly-elected state Senator Victoria Steele and Blog for Arizona journalist and Precinct Committeeman Larry Bodine.

Victoria Steele, Senator-Elect from Tucson's LD9.

Victoria Steele, Senator-Elect from Tucson’s LD9.

Topics you’ll want to hear about:

  • Vile racist Rep. David Stringer of Prescott must resign now, says Victoria (see below). We’re sick of haters in government.
  • The Blue Wave just keeps getting bigger. Democrats picked up their 40th seat in the house (with Democrat TJ Cox in California’s 21st Congressional District). Democrats won the popular vote by 8 million votes (compared to Hillary Clinton winning by 3 million votes).
  • HR 1 – the top new priorities for Democrats in Congress, including
    • Cutting healthcare costs,
    • Fixing infrastructure,
    • Increasing the minimum wage,
    • Ending dark money,
    • Passing the Dream Act for DACA recipients,
    • Preventing gun violence,
    • Automatic voting registration,
    • Passing the Equality Act protecting the LGBTQ community.
  • Blog for Arizona writer Larry Bodine

    Blog for Arizona writer Larry Bodine

    Corrupt Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke attacked US Congressman Raul Grijalva on Twitter. This was a really stupid move because Grijalva will be Zinke’s boss as the ranking member of the House Natural Resources Committee.

  • Who will get the appointment for John McCains’ Senate seat? Losing candidate Marth McShifty? Koch Brothers paymaster Kirk Adams, a swamp creature who was Gov. Ducey’s chief of staff? Maricopa County prosecuting attorney Bill Montgomery?

Steele called for racist Rep. String to resign immediately: “Diversity is what makes us strong and beautiful. How could you look at someone and say, ‘this person is less than me or less deserving’? This type of behavior should ever be tolerated by our leaders. Rep. Stringer’s behavior and his vulgar comments have brought dishonor to the to the entire Arizona Legislature. I do not want to serve with him when I start next month. He should be removed from his position as a lawmaker. I am calling for his immediate resignation. Should he refuse or hesitate to resign he should be publicly removed from office,” Steele said.

Tune in to The Steele Report at 9 AM on Saturdays at KVOI radio 1030 AM.

Jo Holt Will Work Behind the Scenes as Pima County Democratic Chair

Jo Holt, Pima County Democratic Party Chair

Jo Holt, Pima County Democratic Party Chair

Jo Holt, the Pima County Democratic Party Chair since 2015, will continue to work behind the scenes to elect Democrats — coordinating action between the state party and local legislative districts (LDs) — if she is re-elected on December 15.

Holt redefined the role of the county chair to leave direct voter contact to the LDs. “The nature of the county party’s support is behind the scenes,” she said. “It’s a little quiet.”

She has three priorities for her next term: Continue reading

Suppressed Memo Shows Tucson Police have Abandoned Traffic Enforcement

A suppressed memo from a civilian oversight commission studying the Tucson Police Department reveals that the department has shut down the Traffic Enforcement Division and a night patrol program, cutting the number of traffic stops and tickets by more than half.

“The Tucson police have just gotten out of traffic enforcement business. It’s rare to see someone getting a ticket pull over, but it’s so common to see people running red lights. We spend too much on the police department to tolerate this,” says Jim Hannley, a former member of the Independent Audit and Performance Commission, and author of the suppressed TPD IAPC Memo.

Hannley, a safety advocate and TPD critic, was appointed to the commission in 2014. He wrote the 10-page memo calling on the mayor and city council to confront the Police Department about abandoning traffic enforcement. “It seems that the interests of public safety must prevail over the discretion of the officers whose job it is to make our streets and roads safer,” he said in the Feb. 4, 2016 memo.

The commission voted on April 6, 2017, to suppress the memo, according to an April 10, 2017 email sent by Joyce Garland, CFO/Assistant City Manager. Continue reading

Alison Jones will Include Community Groups as Pima Democrats Chair

Alison Jones, a Democratic precinct committee person and activist, promises to reach out to progressive community and labor groups that have been shut out the Democratic party, if she is elected Pima County Democratic Party Chairperson.

“If we can collaborate all these groups, we will be a force to be reckoned with,” she said. “We have got to reach out to these marvelous organizations that share our values and want the same things we want,” naming Arizona Ground Game, Labor, Mi Familia Vota, Justice Alliance, Planned Parenthood, YWCA, and AZ Blue 2020. We need to be working with these groups and using the best ideas.”

She announced at the LD9 Democrats meeting on October 23 that she is challenging current Chair Jo Holt, who has held the position since November 2015. The new chair will be elected by precinct committee persons at a mandatory meeting on Saturday, Dec. 15.

Continue reading

Are Republicans Voting for Democrats?

It was not what I expected to hear. I was out canvassing one hot afternoon for Ann Kirkpatrick and Kyrsten Sinema when a man answered the door and said he was a Republican. I was politely backing away when he asked to see the literature I was holding.

“I’m going to vote Democratic this year to put a check on Trump,” he explained, to my surprise.

I recounted the story to another Democratic Committeeperson, and she said she had a similar experience. She was canvassing and the guy at the door said he had never voted Democratic, but he would this year, because of Trump.

I wondered if it was a general phenomenon. Before you write this off as my wishful thinking, hear me out. Continue reading