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A Voter Guide to the Democratic Nominees Blog for Arizona Interviewed this year

With early ballots arriving in the mail the next couple of days, we have included links to all the articles pertaining to profiles compiled on the federal, state, and local Democratic nominees running for office this year. Please review them so they can help you make the best decision when voting these next two and a half weeks.

Furthermore, please consider the following when deciding whether or not to vote this election:

  • If you think we can do better than one in four children in Arizona living in poverty, then vote in November.
  • If you think we can do better than being near the bottom in the nation in education funding, then vote in November.
  • If you agree with gubernatorial candidate David Garcia that “no one should be left behind,” then vote in November.
  • If you agree with Superintendent of Public Instruction candidate Kathy Hoffman that the “future of Arizona is in our schools,” then vote in November.
  • If you agree with Attorney General candidate January Contreras that public service should be about the “little guy and democracy” and the people, especially the most vulnerable (like those with pre-existing health conditions), need to be protected, then vote in November.
  • If you agree with Treasurer candidate Mark Manoil that local and state Arizona economic development would be better served with local community banks than Wall Street banks, then vote in November.
  • If you agree with Mining Inspector candidate Bill Pierce that uranium should not be mined for in the Grand Canyon where any contamination into the Colorado River would make that water undrinkable for millions of citizens across several states, then vote in November.
  • If you want Arizona to be the solar capital of the country and greater utility investments steered towards solar, water, and wind like Corporation Commission candidate Kiana Sears, then vote in November.
  • If you want the stench of Dark Money removed from the public arena as most of the Democratic local and state candidates want, then vote in November.
  • If you want public servants like this year’s Democratic candidates that listen to their constituents and show up to public forums and debates, then vote in November.
  • If you want our borders secured, like our Democratic candidates want, with smart technology and smart policies geared towards capturing criminals, drug dealers, and human traffickers, then vote in November.
  • If you want all civil rights protected, including the right for women to choose and the newly recognized rights for members of the LGBTQ community, then vote this November.

All elections are important. The 2018 elections may be more so because if the forces of reaction, intolerance, and backwardness are allowed to prevail, it may be a long time before we recover.

Please Remember To Vote In November.

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Watch Citizens Clean Elections Commission debates for So. AZ Legislative District races

Watch Clean Election debates for  Southern Arizona Legislative races before General Election on Nov. 6, 2018.

If you’re not sure who’s running for State Senate (1 seat) and State House (2 seats) in LD 2, 3, 9, 10, 11, 14 in Southern Arizona,

view the Arizona Clean Elections Commission debates online for these legislative races


LD 2: held on Sept. 24 at Sahuarita High School, Sahuarita

Senator Andrea Dalessandro (D) vs. Shelley Kais (R)

House Reps. Rosanna Gabaldon (D) and Daniel Hernandez, Jr. (D) vs. Republicans Chris Ackerley & Anthony Sizer

LD 3: held on Oct. 17 at PCC West, Tucson

(Senator-elect Sally Gonzales (D) has no opposition in the General  – not part of debate)

House (two open seats): Andres Cano (D) vs. Green candidate Beryl Baker; House candidate Alma Hernandez (D) did not participate

LD 9: held on Oct. 16 at PCC NW, Tucson

Senate (open seat) – former House Rep. Victoria Steele (D) vs. Randy Fleenor (R)

House: Reps. Randy Friese (D) and Pam Powers Hannley (D) vs. Ana Henderson (R)

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What Kind of Arizona and America do you want to live in?

David Brooks

David Brooks asks, “Are the behavior and actions of the President and the Republicans what you want to see in your public servants?”

During the Shields and Brooks segment of the PBS Newshour on October 19, 2018, David Brooks, the center-right commentator from the New York Times rightly suggested that a closing argument for the Democrats should be “Are the behavior and actions of the President and the Republicans what you want to see in your public servants? Is their belief in what America should be your beliefs in what America should be?”

In the end, it does come down to that. Mr. Brooks is right and this can be applied to Arizona and our state leaders over the last two years as well as America and its leaders over that same period. People need to consider if they want to live in a state or a country where the trajectory over the last two years is taking us backward as opposed to forwards. Please consider:

Do we want to live in an Arizona and America where the leaders behave like demagogues, self-serving oligarchs, and, in the case of the current occupant of the White House, petty dictators, dividing us with the “big lies” and pitting us against each other?

Do we want to live in an Arizona and America where the wealthy are catered to and the poor and unfortunate shunned?

Do we want to live in an Arizona and America where corrupt oligarchs and plutocrats pay equally corrupt public servants behind the scenes with dark money to achieve their ends?

Do we want to live in an Arizona and America where our women are potentially denied the right to choose when needed?

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Comedy for Charity presents “Whose Live Anyway” on Nov. 1st


7:30PM – 9:00PM

AT THE FOX THEATRE, 17 W. Congress St. Tucson

“Comedy for Charity is proud to announce it is co-promoting and co-producing the hilarious Whose Live Anyway with The Fox Theatre on November 1st. Back by popular demand, this show sold out in 2016, so get your tickets early! For 90 minutes, these hilarious performers will use the games and unexpected comedy that comes from the live version of the TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway? Help us raise money for Sol Dog Lodge and Training Center/Arizona Greyhound Rescue! For more info, please see our website:

Comedy for Charity is a non-profit organization created by comedian Suzie Sexton to reduce violence and to raise money for victims of violence. If dreams were real, she would dream that there was no violence and no need for her organization. Unfortunately, this is a ubiquitous phenomenon which creates untold pain and suffering. “Violence is like a disease that needs to be cured. I’m doing what I can to end it,” she says.”

Purchase tickets here:

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Arizona Education Association’s Recommended Candidates for General Election 2018

“The AEA Fund for Public Education is the political action committee of the Arizona Education Association to support candidates who support our public schools.  The AEA Fund is the largest and most effective statewide PAC working to elect candidates to the state legislature and Governor’s office who will fight to safeguard and strengthen public education for each and every Arizona student.”

Here’s their list of recommended candidates (all Democrats) for the Nov. 6, 2018 General Election


CD 1  Tom O’Halleran, incumbent

CD 2 Ann Kirkpatrick

CD 3 Raul Grijalva,incumbent

CD 7 Ruben Gallego, incumbent

CD 8 Dr. Hiral Tipirneni

CD 9 Greg Stanton

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Trump Takes Martha McSally, Doug Ducey and other Republican Candidates through the Alt-Right Looking Glass at a rally in Mesa.

President Trump speaking at a rally at Mesa Gateway Airport on October 19, 2018

Once upon a time, mainstream politicians would stay far away from politicians that have been endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan or those who have taken pictures with white supremacists. That was the era before Donald Trump.

Now, as most Republican candidates (including Martha McSally and Doug Ducey) in Arizona fall over themselves to meet him at a rally in Mesa, it does not appear to matter that he was. Even in Arizona, this behavior appears to have no consequences as Doug Ducey took a picture with known white supremacists earlier this year. In another time (over two years ago), that might have dealt a deathblow to his reelection campaign. Not today and it is a shame because it teaches our children some wrong lessons about the value of a person’s character in our public servants.

Trump, The KKK-endorsed candidate and popular vote loser, spent October 19, 2018, in Arizona on a campaign swing to help Republican Senate candidate Martha McSally after her abysmal debate performance on October 15. True to form, he spent his time at a rally in Mesa wowing the crowd that traveled hours to see him, McSally, and the other state Republican candidates with outlandish remarks complementing Republicans for policies that they were not responsible for and accusing Democrats of acts either untrue or ones that Republicans or their supporters are guilty of. It is almost as if they were looking through the Alt-Right Looking Glass and mistaking the Democrats for themselves.
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