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Election 2016: It’s almost over

By Craig McDermott, crossposted from Random Musings

In case you haven’t noticed the wall-to-wall (but oh-so selective) media coverage, the incessant TV and radio ads (and spots on other media), the late night comedy, the hate-filled shouting, or have simply avoided even opening your mailbox for the last month or so,

There’s an election coming up on Tuesday.  


While millions of Americans have already voted (full disclosure time: I am one of those millions), millions more will be voting Tuesday.

If you haven’t already done so, please make sure you vote on Tuesday.

In addition to a race for president that features two main candidates who present the starkest difference between two candidates for that office in US history, there are scores, in fact, hundreds, of down ballot races that have even more effect on our daily lives that are also up for election.

If you don’t know where your polling place is (AZ only) –

Arizona SOS’ polling place locator is here (This one should include all polling places in all counties, so if your county isn’t listed below, use this one. It works for me here in Maricopa County)

Maricopa County’s polling place locator is here

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2016 may not be over quite yet, but positioning for 2018 has already started…

By Craig McDermott, crossposted from Random Musings

From the Arizona Republic, written by Laurie Roberts –

What is it with these politicians and their ambitions?

Last week, it was Kelli Ward announcing that she’s running once again for the U.S. Senate in 2018 – this time trying to knock off Sen. Jeff Flake.

Now comes Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, filing campaign papers to challenge Secretary of State Michele Reagan in 2018.

Stanton’s decision makes sense – even though it would be nice to get through 2016 before the angling begins for 2018.

Stanton, in a press release, says he’s not really running for secretary of state. He just needed to create a state campaign committee in order to transfer remaining funds from his city campaign committee before Nov. 4, when a new state law will bar him from doing so.

As mentioned in the article, Stanton may not run for secretary of state – the governor’s spot is also up for election in 2018.

Right now, Doug Ducey, the incumbent governor looks likely to run for and win reelection.  However, a lot can happen between now and the beginning of 2018.

Stanton (pic courtesy

Not least of which is the election next week, which will impact who seeks what office in 2018.


Win or lose the election, Trump has already become the nation’s “enabler in chief”

By Craig McDermott, crossposted from Random Musings

I am not saying that Trump did any of this, or even directed one (or more) of his followers to do these things.  I don’t have evidence to that effect.

But while I don’t believe in accusing someone, even someone like Trump, of doing something reprehensible without some actual evidence (guess that means that I’ll never be director of the FBI), neither do I believe coincidence.

From the Twitter feed of Ashley Killough, a producer/reporter for CNN –

Screenshot of the Tweet:

From pics taken by Elizabeth Rogers, a friend, and friend of the blog, near 32nd Street and McDowell in Phoenix.  The graffiti is new, going up in the last couple of days or so –

Arizona: It’s a dry hate.

Ballot time in Arizona

By Craig McDermott, crossposted from Random Musings

…and elsewhere, as well, but since I live in AZ and my ballot covers AZ, that means this post will focus on AZ (or at least my little part of it).

There are races here in Maricopa County and elsewhere in the state that are important and interesting, but this post only covers those that are on my ballot.

President –

This one is easy –

Hillary Clinton is easily one of the two or three most qualified people to ever run for president.

Donald Trump is a buffoon (which is a word I use to describe someone when I don’t want to use the more colorful part of my vocabulary).

And I thought this even before Trump’s recently unearthed admission of a seduction technique that can best be described as “rape”.


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Some primary surprises (and some “not surprises”) on Tuesday…

By Craig McDermott, crossposted from Random Musings

Note: All results are tentative and subject to change as late-arriving mail in ballots and provisional ballots are counted.  Most races seem settled, though there are a few that may flip.  And at least a couple seem headed for recounts…

Note2: Results from Maricopa County-specific races are from the website of the Maricopa County Recorder; results from races that cover other counties or the entire state are from the website of the Arizona Secretary of State.

Note3: The geographic descriptions used are for reference only, to give a general idea of where a district is located.  They are not, nor are they meant to be, definitive descriptions of the geographic area covered by a particular district.

I actually think that the a few of the primary results will serve to help Democrats make some gains, but this is turning out to be a weird electoral cycle.

In other words, no predictions.

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Early voting has started in Arizona…

By Craig McDermott, crossposted from Random Musings

…and while it is a primary election, all voters, even unaffiliated ones, can, and *should* participate…

From an email from the City of Mesa –

Early voting for the Aug. 30 Arizona Primary Election began on Aug. 3 and ends on Aug. 26.

Voters on the Permanent Early Voting List and voters wishing to receive an early ballot who are not registered with a declared political party must contact Maricopa County Elections at (602) 506-1511 to request which ballot they want to receive (Republican, Democrat, Green or non-partisan if it is a ballot for [non-partisan] candidates only). Voters, not registered with a party, who plan on going to the polls to vote can request the ballot they want upon arrival at the polling site.

While this email focused only on Maricopa County (home county of Mesa), the procedure is the same in other counties, except election questions should be directed to the relevant county’s elections department. 

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