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Early Ballots Mailed Today

Please vote for the team with experience and heart in LD9:

  • Rep. Pamela Powers Hannley
  • Rep. Randy Friese
  • Senate Candidate & Former Rep. Victoria Steele

Confused about the propositions on your ballot? For background information on the propositions and recommendations, check out these links:

McSally Caught Posting Fake Comments Saying How Great She Is

embarressed mcsally

Not getting sufficient praise from real people, a chagrined Martha McSally was caught praising herself on Facebook.

US Senate candidate Republican Martha McSally posted fake compliments to herself on Facebook, according to ShareBlue.

On Sunday, Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ) posted a Facebook Live webcast, and the video was such a hit that the very first comment was “Great video quality! Thank you for your service!” She forgot to sign out of her own Facebook account before she patted herself on the back.

But as the congresswoman’s sharp-eyed Facebook viewers noticed, the compliment came from none other than “Rep. Martha McSally.”

“(A)re you talking to yourself, or what(?)” asked one. 

“Maybe don’t forget to switch to your fake account next time,” wrote another.

Martha McSally Facebook comments 03-19-2018

Although the goof has been called out by American Bridge, the comment remained live 24 hours after it was posted, before it was finally deleted.

The real question that remains, however, is how many fake comments praising the Arizona Republican were successfully posted on her page.

It’s not a surprise that McSally would resort to this sort of fakery to boost the appearance of her popularity. She boasted of Trump’s endorsement in her Senate campaign kickoff video, and has been a reliable Trump ally. Trump himself has invented multiple imaginary characters to praise him to the press, and even invented an entire automotive plant to brag about a fake accomplishment.

Unfortunately for McSally, she will need real voters to win her Senate bid, something Republicans are finding increasingly difficult to come by, even in once-safe red seats.

Rep. Powers Hannley: 2017 Legislative Report Card (video)

Rep. Pamela Powers HannleyIn 2016, I ran for the Arizona House on a platform of economic reform, equality, and tackling the opioid epidemic. I stood up to big-money politics and ran as a Clean Elections candidate, despite much advice to take the money and run.

I am honored that you elected me on Nov. 8, 2016. This year in the Legislature, I fought for fairness and stood up for your rights with my voice, my votes, and my bills.

I am running for re-election in 2018. As a Clean Elections candidate, I have pledged not to take big-money donations from special interests. This is my report card to you, the voters of Legislative District 9. It has been an honor to serve you.

Economic Reform & Public Banking 

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I Think I Prefer Thucky

For months now, John Huppenthal has been commenting here in his own name. At first, it was noteworthy. No longer. Now, he’s just a fallen, disgraced politician. Instead of taking a hard look in the mirror and taking the steps needed to rebuild his reputation, he’s chosen to wallow in the very same conduct that exposed him for what he is, with the only exception being the removal of the alias that concealed his identity (well, sort of). What Anthony Weiner is to sexting, John Huppenthal is to blog trolling.

The reasoning here is breathtaking. Coming from Falcon9 or Thucydides, “Thucky” as he was known here, his comments were considered ignorant and offensive by BfAZ readers. When exposed as John Huppenthal using the pseudonyms Falcon9 and Thucydides, his comments were considered ignorant and offensive by the public at large. Yet he believes the same comments posted under his real name will be considered something other than ignorant and offensive.  It’s like Anthony Weiner placing his name next to his dick pics and thinking “Problem solved. Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggedy-dog.”

I’ve engaged a few times with “the real John Huppenthal” in the comment thread. But no longer. Continue reading

Conspiracy loons hijack AZ House elections hearing with bogus “election fraud” allegations

A bunch of people showed up to testify at the Arizona Legislature about last Tuesday’s Presidential Preference Election debacle in Maricopa County, and while many of them did have important and factual points to make, others were like this guy:

Sanders supporter
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