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Don’t be confused – vote no on Prop. 305, the referendum on the ‘vouchers on steroids’ bill

I have previously explained that opponents of Arizona’s “vouchers on steroids” bill, SB 1431, and even supporters of the “vouchers on steroids” bill are urging voters to vote no on Prop. 305, the citizens referendum on SB 1431. So we’re all agreed: No on Prop. 305 (and elect a Democratic legislature and governor).

So what’s the problem?

Apparently voters are confused by the intentionally misleading ballot measure description on the ballot. Some people think this is a scholarship fund, rather than a voucher transferring public tax dollars to private and parochial schools.

Laurie Roberts of The Republic reports Prop. 305, expanding school vouchers, could pass? I think I’m going to faint:

Somebody find me some smelling salts. A recent statewide poll shows Proposition 305 could well pass.

According to the Suffolk University/Arizona Republic poll, 41 percent of Arizona voters support diverting more tax money to private schools by expanding the state’s voucher program.

According to the poll, they like the idea of creating a two-tier system of schools: publicly subsidized private ones for the children of parents who can afford to pay the difference between what a voucher is worth and what tuition costs, and poorly funded public ones for the kids whose parents can’t.

Yep, I definitely am feeling woozy. Either that, or 41 percent of Arizona voters don’t know what the heck Prop. 305 actually does.

I’m going with that one.

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‘Don’t be fooled by legislative flimflam’ – vote no on Prop. 306

The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry opposed the citizens initiative to create the Citizens Clean Elections Commissions. They lost.  They have used their lickspittle lackeys in Arizona’s GOP-controlled legislature ever since to undermine the commission – with some success – with the goal to eventually destroy it.

Their latest effort is Prop. 306 which misleading claims to reform some clean elections rules. Don’t be fooled by the language of the ballot measure.

Mark Kimble, former editor of the now defunct Tucson Citizen, has an op-ed at the Arizona Daily Star which explains Prop 306 imperils nonpartisan Citizens Clean Elections Commission:

Twenty years ago, Arizona voters approved formation of the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission, to “improve the integrity of Arizona state government and promote public confidence in the Arizona political process.”

But on the November ballot, the Arizona Legislature, using Prop. 306, is trying to trick you into doing away with the nonpartisan Clean Elections Commission. They want you to turn the entire process over to a shadow group of political appointees, all of whom would represent only the party of the governor.

Legislators want to do all they can to make sure the sources of dark money in political campaigns remain secret. And they want your help.

Take a close look at Prop. 306 and understand what the real goal is.

The majority in the Legislature knew that if they put on the ballot a clearly worded proposition to do away with clean elections, it would be soundly rejected. So they resorted to obfuscation and misdirection.

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Health care is the top issue, and GOP candidates campaign on the ‘Big Lie’

Polling shows that health care is the top priority for Americans, and that Democrats are winning among the segment of the electorate most worried about health care.

POLITICO reported this week about how Republican candidates are actually running ads saying that they support the pre-existing conditions provisions of the Affordable Care Act aka “Obamacare” even after every Republican incumbent in Congress has voted multiple times over a period of several years to repeal Obamacare and voted for House Speaker Paul Ryan’s plan to convert Medicare into a private system with vouchers (coupon care). They are running away from their Obamacare repeal votes by simply lying about it (looking at you Martha McSally). ‘Just ridiculous lies’: Dems incensed over misleading GOP ads on Medicare for All.

The super PAC affiliated with House Speaker Paul Ryan is also accusing Democratic candidates of supporting Bernie Sanders’ $32 billion “Medicare for All“ plan, even if they have taken no position on his proposal or support other options.

The effort to tie swing-district candidates to a single-payer concept — which Democrats are deeply divided on — illustrates the GOP’s major disadvantage on health care after failing last year to pass unpopular Obamacare repeal bills.

“When it comes to core issues that voters are looking at, obviously Democrats have an advantage on health care,” said Republican strategist Ford O’Connell. “So now you’re watching the Republicans sort of move the goalposts.”

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The corrupting influence of dark money in the Arizona Governor race

Governor Doug Ducey, the ice cream man hired by Koch Industries to run their Southwest subsidiary formerly known as the state of Arizona, is repeating the corrupting influence of dark money that he used to get elected in 2014 in his reelection bid in 2018.

This after Governor Ducey and his lickspittle lackeys in the GOP controlled Arizona legislature spent the last four years removing any remaining restrictions on “dark money” and blocking every citizen effort to force transparency and disclosure in campaign finances. The final insult to democracy was Ducey’s court packing scheme of the Arizona Supreme Court, which paid off with the court blocking the Outlaw Dirty Money initiative from this fall’s ballot for specious reasons enacted into law by his lickspittle lackeys in the GOP controlled Arizona legislature, the will of the voters be damned.

This is what GOP authoritarianism and its culture of corruption in Arizona looks like. It is grounds enough for you to vote them all out of office.

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Robert Robb agrees: vote no on Prop. 126

According to our blog stats, the most searched and shared post during this election has been my post No on Prop. 126, the false and purposefully misleading Protect Arizona Taxpayers Act. Because there is no organized opposition to Prop. 126 spending money on television ads, I am guessing that individuals and organizations have linked to this post as a grassroots No on Prop. 126 campaign. Somebody had to do it.

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 12.17.18 PM

The Arizona Republic‘s Robert Robb, the former flak for the “Kochtopus” Death Star, the Goldwater Institute, and the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has added his voice in opposition to Prop. 126, albeit to promote his Libertarian hobby horse of a consumption tax, which is bad tax policy.

While we approach this from different perspectives, we both conclude that Prop. 126 is bad public policy that will have dire consequences for the fiscal health of Arizona, and we urge voters to vote no on Prop. 126.

Robb writes Prop. 126 cuts short a necessary discussion about Arizona tax reform:

Proposition 126 is intended to shut the door on an important discussion before it has a chance to get started. And it may have even more devastating consequences than that.

Bankrolled by the realtors, Prop. 126 would amend the state Constitution to prohibit the imposition of a sales tax on services.

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McSally tries the 2018 version of the Daisy Ad

Clip of 1964 Daisy Ad supporters of Lyndon Johnson ran against Barry Goldwater

In the 1964 Presidential Election, an anti- Barry Goldwater ad from supporters for Lyndon Johnson depicting a little girl named Daisy holding a flower as a bellowing voice counted down to zero followed by an imploding mushroom cloud.
In 2018, supporters of Martha McSally, through a Mitch McConnell aligned Super Pac,  broadcast earlier ads containing false charges that questioned Representative Sinema’s support for the military, law enforcement, and children’s rights. Today, this same McConnell allied Super Pac has come out with the latest version of the “Daisy Ad” with a direct mail ad, claiming that Phoenix will become a nuclear wasteland because of Sinema’s support for the Iran deal and her opposition to keeping Luke Air Force Base open or creating the Department of Homeland Security.
How do these assertions stand up to scrutiny?
They do not.
Again the McSally campaign and her supporters have engaged in false advertising.
With regards to the Iran Deal, several former Republican foreign policy experts implored the Trump Administration not to withdraw from the six-nation Iran Nuclear Agreement which has been successful in preventing the development of an Iranian nuclear bomb.
In reference to Luke Air Force Base, as the below links demonstrate, Representative Sinema has supported and worked to ensure that the military (including Luke Air Force Base) and our veterans are well funded.
The final assertion that Representative Sinema did not support the creation of the Department of Homeland Security is confusing because that department came into existence about ten years before Ms. Sinema was elected to Congress.
These “scare” and “fear-mongering” tactics have no place in our public discourse. They should be condemned for what they are: the desperate attempts of a campaign that has nothing to run on by running on fear and terrifying families to make misinformed decisions on election day.