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The Arizona Republic endorses Tom O’Halleran for CD 1

Wendy Rogers is a perennial GOP candidate who has never won anything until this year, when she won the GOP primary in CD 1 by smearing her opponent Steve Smith. Citing ugly politics, Steve Smith tells GOP rival Wendy Rogers to quit Arizona’s CD1 race.

CD 1 Congressman Tom O’Halleran

Then there was the incident involving Arizona GOP field organizers working on behalf of the Rogers campaign who tried to set up Rep. Tom O’Halleran with a fake communist party contribution dirty tricks operation that backfired on them badly. AZ GOP field organizers pull a classic Roger Stone, supposedly fired over it.

Wendy Rogers is running a close second only to Martha McSally for the most dishonest, deceitful and nasty campaign of this cycle. Tim Steller of the Arizona Daily Star noted Friday:


I’ve noted in previous columns the absurd fear-mongering of Republican congressional candidate Wendy Rogers. She has associated Democratic incumbent Tom O’Halleran with Antifa and made the main thrust of her campaign the idea that Democrats represent violence and mob rule.

This week, Rogers put out an ad that injects a 100-percent pure dose of fear into the amygdalas of her supporters. “Refugees or invaders?” the spot begins. “They’re testing our president, and they’re testing America.” In the background there is sinister-looking footage of the recent migrant caravan in Mexico. The narrator goes on to say that if O’Halleran is elected, “mob rule” will replace the rule of law and “our America” will be “gone forever.”

The timing was ironic considering that the ad came out the week after a passionate Trump supporter was arrested for mailing a dozen pipe bombs to prominent Democrats and Trump critics. No, O’Halleran has not put out an ad saying that Republicans are terrorists, even after this attempted political violence.

So it should come as no surprise that The Arizona Republic endorses incumbent Democrat Tom O’Halleran for reelection. Wendy Rogers or Tom O’Halleran? This congressional race has stark differences:

The district is currently represented by Democratic Rep. Tom O’Halleran, a first-term congressman seeking re-election. He is challenged by Republican Wendy Rogers in her fourth bid for Congress.

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A reminder to the editors of The Arizona Republic

The Arizona Republic fka The Arizona Republican has long existed to support Republican candidates. But The Republic appears to be having a tough time supporting Arizona’s incumbent Republican congressional delegation.

Back in February, the Arizona Republic editorialized, Our View: Rep. Paul Gosar is a disgrace to Arizona. Somebody please unseat him. The editors were encouraging a primary challenge that didn’t happen. But Gosar does have a credible general election opponent, Dr. David Brill.

And who can forget that Rep. Paul Gosar’s siblings endorse his opponent … on video.Rep. Paul Gosar’s siblings have criticized him before. This time they’ve decided that they could no longer stand by their brother – at all – and have endorsed his opponent, Democrat David Brill. Even providing him with a video to be used as a campaign commercial. “Listen to them.”

The Republic similarly editorialized against the equally awful David Schweikert. 5 reasons a Democrat could win David Schweikert’s seat, even in a Republican stronghold:

Some of us on The Arizona Republic editorial board have been interviewing candidates for endorsement for 20 years or more. And the Democrats running in this race make up one of the strongest panels we’ve seen. All three are accomplished people with energy and magnetism.

If the Democratic Party has suffered from a weak bench in recent decades, those days may be over. We believe we are looking at the future of the party in these three candidates, and that they could be important leaders one day in Arizona.

Anita Malik: The daughter of east Indian immigrants, she knows the district well. She grew up attending Scottsdale public schools. A graduate in computer information systems and finance at Arizona State University with a masters in journalism from the University of Southern California, Malik was the chief operating officer of a content technology company, a job she left to run for Congress.

Her primary focus would be the development of emerging industries in the economy. “Every issue is a jobs issue,” Malik said, and that means she will be looking at all legislation under the lens of job creation. She would promote economic innovation and simplify the tax code.

Her health-care agenda is progressive, calling for universal coverage through Medicare for All. She would allow insurance providers to sell across state lines and would consolidate aspects of Medicare, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

On the immigration front, she would put DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipients on a path to citizenship.

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The Arizona Republic: No on Prop. 127 (vote yes)

The Arizona Republic recommends a “no” vote on the Clean Energy For A Healthy Arizona initiative, Prop. 127. Prop. 127, Arizona’s renewable energy initiative, comes down to just 4 words:

One day Arizona will be powered by the sun.

We enjoy such abundant natural light that we seem destined to throw a harness around the sun and use it to pull the greater share of our state economy.

But that day is not here. Not yet.

For now we are moving in the direction of the sun with new knowledge and new technology.

Crusaders for clean power have put on this year’s ballot a proposal to massively accelerate Arizona’s ascension to virtually 100-percent clean energy. But there are reasons to doubt it.

Because there is an entrenched carbon monopoly and special interest “dark money” from APS, its parent company Pinnacle West, and the “Kochtopus” organizations which have bought GOP candidates and captured the Arizona Corporation Commission.

What would Proposition 127 do?

Utilities are now under Arizona Corporation Commission mandate to produce 15 percent of their electricity from renewable sources by 2025.

Proposition 127 would bump up those requirements to 50 percent by 2030, an increase the utilities say would greatly increase costs that would then be passed on to ratepayers.

Note: California law already requires at least 50 percent of the state’s electricity to come from noncarbon-producing sources by 2030. California took a giant step this past May, by becoming the first state to require all new homes to be fitted for solar power. California Will Require Solar Power for New Homes. The Clean Energy For A Healthy Arizona initiative is not nearly as ambitious.

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The Arizona Republic: No on Prop. 126

The Arizona Republic today recommends a “no” vote on Prop. 126. If you hate taxes, Prop. 126 is a no-brainer, right? Well, not exactly:

The appeal of Proposition 126 is that it would prohibit imposing a sales tax on services in Arizona.

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 12.17.18 PM

So, Prop. 126 is a no-brainer then? Far from it.

Why? Because in shielding services from being taxed, the Protect Arizona Taxpayers Act.

It may mean, for instance, a hike in marginal income-tax rates. Or a higher sales tax on goods.

Why nix an important revenue source?

Talk of new revenue took on greater urgency this year following the #RedforEd movement that prompted Gov. Doug Ducey to pledge a 20-percent raise in teacher pay and more money for schools over the next few years. Even with an improved economy, it’s uncertain whether there will be sufficient tax revenue to pay for it all.

The issue gains more relevance now that an education-funding initiative involving raising income taxes on the rich has been knocked off the Nov. 6 ballot.

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Arizona Daily Star endorses former State Senator Maria Garcia and Debi Chess Mabie for PCC Governing Board

The Arizona Daily Star’s editorial board endorsed Maria Garcia, former State Senator (and widow of the late LD 27  State Senator Jorge Garcia) to the District 3 PCC Governing Board, and Debi  Chess Mabie, former Executive Director of the  Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona  to  District 5 of the same board.

Both incumbents in that race Sylvia Lee (District 3) and Luis A. Gonzales (District 5) are not seeking re-election, after serving one six year term.

But also running for these 2 nonpartisan seats are former 2 term PCC Board member Sherryn “Vikki” Marshall  for District 3 and  Luis L. Gonzales, former Pascua Yaqui Tribal Council member and husband of LD 3 Senator-elect Sally Gonzales, for District 5.  It is confusing with both the incumbent and candidate in District 5 having basically the same name.

Maria Garcia was briefly appointed in Oct. 2010 to serve out her husband’s term in the State Senate, in LD 27.

Read the Star’s endorsement online, which appeared on A10 of today’s print edition:

Debi Chess Mabie

Maria Garcia






Vote wisely on or before Nov. 6, 2018.

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