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Please Remember To Vote In November

With early ballots arriving in the mail the next couple of days, please consider the below points when deciding whether or not to vote this election.

If you think we can do better than one in four children in Arizona living in poverty, then vote in November.

If you think we can do better than being near the bottom in the nation in education funding, then vote in November.

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Dr. Hiral Tipirneni Sees Special Election Momentum Leading to Victory in November

House Congressional District Eight Democratic Nominee Dr. Hiral Tipirneni

In her Glendale office filled with dedicated staff and volunteers, Dr. Hiral Tipirneni sat down with her campaign advisor Jason Kimbrough to convey how she would win in the November elections over Debbie Lesko and what she will do in her first months as the new House Representative in District Eight.

This will be the second race between these two candidates in seven months. Tipirneni is an emergency room physician, a cancer research advocate and Democratic rising star. In April, she gave a voice to all the Democrats, independents, and disaffected Republicans yearning for someone to campaign for them (the previous office holder Trent Franks had run virtually unopposed in the last three election cycles) and shocked the political establishment by coming within five points of defeating Debbie Lesko.

Her performance in a district that Donald Trump won by 21 points catapulted Dr. Tipirneni to political stardom and further reinforced the impression that a Blue Wave is coming this November.

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In David Garcia’s Arizona, No One Will Be Left Behind

Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee David Garcia has put together an impressive team with over 5,400 core volunteers and offices in every part of the state. 

At their headquarters in Phoenix, Democratic Gubernatorial candidate David Garcia, along with his Communications Director Sarah Elliott relayed how the candidate plans to win the Governor’s race and what he would do once inaugurated in January 2019.

A former Army veteran (unlike his opponent), a teacher and professor, a legislative analyst and Associate Superintendent of Public Instruction, Dr. Garcia displayed a vibrant and charismatic persona when presenting his reasons for running and what he would do if elected Arizona’s next Governor in November.

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Vote YES on Prop 463 to Fix Pima County Roads

Pothole bad roads Pima County

Importantly, the bond issue will not increase taxes.

Voters should approve Prop. 463 this November, which will give Pima County the authority to sell bonds to repair many of the county’s 2,200 miles of beat-up, worn-out roads.

That is according to Brian Bickel, president of Democrats of Greater Tucson, speaking at a recent meeting of the group. “One of the biggest problems we have is that once you get off the major arterial roads and into neighborhood streets, that’s where the biggest need is. These streets are 50-60 years old and there hasn’t been any significant maintenance,” he says.

Importantly, approving the bond issue will not increase taxes, because the county will only issue a new bond when an older existing bond is paid off. “People who live on crappy roads are going to vote for it,” Bickel says. “This bond will not come close to fixing every road in Pima County, but the focus will be on residential streets.”
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What the Republicans Have Done to Us

Facebook Posting by Democratic Secretary of State Candidate Katie Hobbs showing Republican Governor Doug Ducey posing with White Supremacists.

Recently on YouTube, I happened by a scene from one of the all-time great comedies Monty Python’s “Life of Brian.” While not as good as “The Holy Grail,” there are many funny moments.

The scene which inspired this piece (link below) is when the Judean revolutionaries ask “What have the Romans Ever Done for Us?” The gathering then brought up the many contributions the Romans did make to the Judean Society. It is a very funny scene.

With that in mind, it came to mind to write down what have the Republicans done to us at the State and Federal Level over the last 30 years. They have:
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Donkey Feed September 6th, 2018

By Michael Bryan

Welcome back to your Feed for the Week! Slip off your shoes and strap on the feedbag! It’s time for some Feed…

First, some video. Former Reagan Budget Director Stockman warns that the Trump economy is not nearly as strong as it might seem and Trump’s policies are making it worse:

Now some graphical goodness showing just how unbalanced in favor of the wealthy the GOP tax cut was, and how much worse it grows over time:

Next, the book everyone will be talking about this week and next:

Bob Woodward’s new book, Fear: Trump in the White House, will drop on Sept. 11th, everyone will be talking about it (WaPo), and it is already breaking news (CNN), and yet more news (Daily Kos).

Now, just click Continue Reading for the rest of the Feed…

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