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We need more of this – in Arizona

The national RedForEd teacher revolt against red state legislatures began in West Virginia and spread to Kentucky, Colorado, Oklahoma and Arizona.

Oklahoma has been the reddest of red states for years, but that is changing. Vote against teacher pay comes back to bite six more Oklahoma Republicans:

Six more Oklahoma state House Republicans lost their primary run-offs on Tuesday after having voted against raising taxes to give teachers their first raise in a decade. That’s after two others were defeated in June primaries. In fact:

Of the 19 House Republicans who voted against the tax hike, eight have now been defeated. Seven others decided not to run. Only four have advanced to the general election.

On top of that, two Democratic teachers flipped Oklahoma legislature seats from red to blue in 2017, and both Democratic and Republican teachers have won primaries this year—including a school administrator who won one of Tuesday’s run-offs, defeating a six-year incumbent who voted against the teacher pay increase.

Once again we see that public education funding and teacher pay are bipartisan issues among voters even if elected Republicans don’t get that.

In Arizona, this accountability for a governor and GOP legislature who have for years underfunded public education, including teacher pay, will have to come in the November general election.

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Bad day in the AZ Supreme Court for initiatives, and for democracy

The day after the primary election, the Arizona Supreme Court signaled the death knell for democracy in Arizona, upholding our lawless GOP legislature’s machinations to severely restrict your constitutional right to citizens initiatives in lickspittle service to their corporate masters. The court sided with the corporatocracy.

The Arizona Supreme Court blocked the InvestInEd initiative and Outlaw Dirty Money initiative from appearing on the ballot.

The Arizona Capitol Times reports, Supreme Court bars tax on rich ballot measure from vote:

The Arizona Supreme Court won’t allow a vote on a citizen initiative to raise taxes for public education.

In an order signed by Chief Justice Scott Bales, a majority of the justices ruled that the #InvestInEd initiative’s description of the campaign’s proposed tax hike on the wealthiest Arizonans, and the omission of any language describing how the law would affect the income tax brackets for Arizonans at every income level, was inadequate.

The two drafting errors collectively created “a significant danger of confusion or unfairness,” Bales wrote in the decision barring the initiative from a vote on the November ballot.

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Another opinion against Prop. 126

I was the first to sound the alarm and urge a no vote on Prop. 126. No on Prop. 126, the false and purposefully misleading Protect Arizona Taxpayers Act.

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 12.17.18 PM

Today Abe Kwok of The Arizona Republic adds his voice in opposition to Prop. 126. Ban taxes on services? Sounds good, but it could make education funding even tougher:

This being the year of Red for Ed, a tax-the-rich proposal to better fund teacher pay has garnered intense scrutiny.

Makes sense.

There is, however, a second ballot measure involving taxes that deserves equal attention: a proposed constitutional amendment dubbed the Protect Arizona Taxpayers Act.

The initiative doesn’t address education funding, per se, but it certainly would close off an option to tap new revenue and to make our tax system broader and fairer.

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Jose Torres Emphasizes Education, Healthcare and Immigration in the CD5 Congressional Race

Congressional District Five Democratic House Candidate Jose Torres

This election year, two Democrats are vying for an opportunity to defeat incumbent Andy Biggs. One is Joan Greene and the other is the subject of this interview, Jose Torres.

Below are Torres’ responses to a series of questions regarding the issues facing the people in the district and how he would act as the district’s next Representative.

Arizona Congressional District Five contains all or parts of Mesa, Gilbert, Queen Creek, and Chandler. The district has been solidly Republican since 2012. Incumbent Andy Biggs is a former State Senator and current Freedom Caucus Member. This “public servant” has distinguished himself by supporting and fighting for policies that do not benefit the public. On issues ranging from Children’s Health Care to a woman’s right to choose to Medicaid Expansion to tax cuts for the rich, Biggs has continually embraced the causes championed by Dark Money special interests and reactionary conservatives who want to destroy the government they were elected to serve in.

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Forces of ‘dark money’ block Outlaw Dirty Money initiative from the ballot, appeal filed

Our corporate overlords got their lickspittle servants in the GOP to enact a requirement in 2017 that all efforts by voters to enact their own laws by citizen initiative must be in “strict compliance” with each and every election statute, reversing more than 70 years of the courts applying the “substantial compliance” doctrine.

Our corporate overlords got their lickspittle servants in the GOP to enact a 2014 law that requires judges to toss signatures from circulators who don’t show up in court in response to a subpoena. Failure to show up in court in response to the subpoena means a judge must invalidate all the signatures collected by that individual – even if those signatures are valid.

These two provisions of law designed to undermine your constitutional right to enact laws through citizen initiatives were successfully used by the forces of “dark money” to prevent the Outlaw Dirty Money initiative from qualifying for the ballot. An appeal has been filed.

The Arizona Capitol Times reports, Court ruling, lack of signatures sink ‘dark money’ ballot measure:

A new court decision Thursday has left backers of a ban on “dark money” even further from their goal of getting the measure on the ballot.

In an extensive ruling, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Teresa Sanders rejected arguments by attorney Kim Demarchi that Secretary of State Michele Reagan had improperly and illegally disqualified some petitions submitted in July. Sanders said Reagan acted within what the law requires when petitions do not conform with legal requirements, i.e., strict compliance.

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Lynsey Robinson will Fight for those Marginalized by Reactionary Conservatives in LD12

Democratic LD 12 State House Candidate Lynsey Robinson

What do you get when you let a political party get the idea that they can win unopposed in any legislative district? You get extreme legislators who think they can support any extreme measure that goes against the public good or turns the clock back because the other major party will not muster any opposition.

This is what has happened in Legislative District 12 (and other districts that Democrats up until this year have neglected). Voters in the Gilbert, Queen Creek, and San Tan area have had to suffer extreme reactionary Republicans like Eddie Farnsworth, Travis Grantham, and Warren Pedersen. They have run unopposed in two of the last three elections on the House side while supporting measures that promote Dark Money interests, giving public dollars to private (and in some cases religious) entities and taking away the rights of women in particular and voters in general.

Fortunately, Democrats are finally woke and, like other legislative districts, are championing multiple gifted and forward-looking candidates who offer a pragmatic progressive vision for the people of LD 12. These candidates are Lynsey Robinson, Joe Bisaccia, and D.J. Rothans.

Over drinks at the IHOP on Power and Baseline, Ms. Robinson charismatically conveyed why she would be an effective progressive legislator for the people of LD 12.

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