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AG Candidate January Contreras Will Protect Vulnerable Populations

January Contreras

January Contreras

Over cups of coffee and water at the Tucson Café Passe (the bratwurst is good as well), Democratic Attorney General Candidate January Contreras, a fourth generation Arizonan, described the reasons she is the right person to lead the state’s justice department starting in January 2019.

An experienced jurist and advocate, Contreras, a wife of 24 years and mother to two sons, has an extensive record of public service. Mentored (and still guided) by former Attorney General, Governor, and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, she has served as a Deputy County Attorney for Maricopa County and Assistant Attorney General. In these capacities, Contreras prosecuted criminals, people, and entities that committed health care fraud against vulnerable citizens like the elderly in nursing homes.

Furthermore, under former Governor Janet Napolitano, her duties also included policy advisor and serving as the Assistant Director at the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) where she fought proposed cuts to the system. Joining Governor Napolitano at the Department of Homeland Security during the Obama Administration, Contreras helped establish the Council on Combating Violence against Women and served on other task forces designed to further advances for women and children.

Returning to Arizona, Contreras founded ALWAYS (Arizona Legal Women and Youth Services), an organization dedicated to assisting victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, and child abuse. When necessary, Contreras would help the victims for free.
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Crazy Uncle Joe Arpaio to run for the Senate to pick the pockets of the rubes who support this racist

Oh sweet Jesus! Are we really going to do this? Alabamians are relieved today that an Arizona exists to make them look not so bad by comparison.

Crazy Uncle Joe Arpaio is just a grifter, like his buddy Donald Trump, and is only interested in picking the pockets of the racist and white nationalist rubes who see him as a hero (sic). He doesn’t want to be a senator. Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio announces run for U.S. Senate:

Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who for years has teased potential runs for higher office, announced Tuesday that he is running for the U.S. Senate in Arizona.

“I am running for the U.S. Senate from the Great State of Arizona, for one unwavering reason: to support the agenda and policies of President Donald Trump in his mission to Make America Great Again,” Arpaio said in a tweet posted to Twitter at 9:06 a.m.

“You know I’m a hard worker and I don’t run to lose, so I’ll do whatever it takes to win,” Arpaio told The Arizona Republic later. “I’m out here to win.”

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Demographic doom for the GOP: is 2016 the year of Latino voters?

Last week La Bruja, the nativist former Arizona Gov. Jan “SB 1070” Brewer, told the Boston Globe:

cartoon_66Some Republicans dismissed the notion that Democratic-leaning Hispanics will become a significant enough force to tip the balance to Clinton.

Nah,” former Arizona governor Jan Brewer said in an interview. “They don’t get out and vote. They don’t vote.”

* * *

Brewer, the state’s former governor, said immigration is such a big issue in the state that many voters will be receptive to Trump’s mantra of building a wall with Mexico.

It’s wishful thinking on their behalf,” she said. “Donald Trump is going to secure the border, and that is a very important issue in Arizona.’’

Hillary Clinton responded, Clinton to Latino organizers: Let’s prove Jan Brewer wrong with record turnout:

Hillary Clinton urged Hispanic campaign volunteers to ratchet up efforts to drive record Hispanic turnout in the election, citing as motivation the words of former Arizona governor Jan Brewer.

On a bilingual conference call with supporters on Wednesday night, Clinton reminded them that Brewer had dismissed the prospect that Clinton might win the election because Hispanic voters “don’t vote.”

“Former Arizona governor Jan Brewer said over the weekend that Republicans didn’t have to worry about the vote, Donald Trump didn’t have to worry about the election, because Latinos don’t get out to vote,” Clinton said. “Not only is that insulting, but she may not be paying attention.”

So let’s prove the former Arizona governor Jan Brewer is wrong and let’s make sure we have the biggest turnout of Latino voters in history,” she added.

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Donald Trump returns to the birthplace of his anti-immigrant demagoguery

The genesis of Donald Trump’s xenophobic anti-immigrant nativist and racist demagoguery began right here in Arizona more than a decade ago with Prop. 200 in 2004, the “Arizona Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act,” which required that voters be able to produce both identification and proof of citizenship prior to being allowed to vote in any election. The same requirements were also enacted for any person prior to receiving any state or locally funded benefits.

The Yes on 200 committee was led by Rusty Childress, a Phoenix-area car dealer, and supported at the national level by the anti-immigrant Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), whose legal arm is the Immigration Reform Law Institute, lead by the GOP’s voter suppression expert, Kris Kobach, who is now unbelievably Secretary of State of Kansas.

There is, of course, the virulently anti-immigrant Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio who built his reputation on immigrant sweeps, when he was not abusing the power of his office by conducting witch hunts against his political opponents.

Then Rep. Russell Pearce “introduced what is now SB 1070 … every year between 2005 and 2009, before it finally passed and was signed by Gov. Jan Brewer” in 2010 (Pearce only introduced the bill, it was drafted by Kris Kobach as model legislation for ALEC). Pearce bragged in 2011, 1 battle in Arizona immigration war:

Arpaio1Prior to SB 1070, I introduced many other measures that addressed illegal immigration — and eventually became law. In 2004, 56 percent of Arizona voters approved Prop 200, which denies certain government benefits to illegal immigrants and prevents voter fraud.

Additional laws that punish human smugglers; deny illegal immigrants bail, and set up a statewide task force to deal with illegal immigrant gangs passed prior to SB 1070.

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Federal Judge rules that crazy Uncle Joe Arpaio is guilty of civil contempt

While we’re on the topic of the decades-long GOP culture of corruption in Arizona, how can we not mention its poster boy, the “most corrupt sheriff in America,” crazy Uncle Joe Arpaio?

The Arizona Republic has a breakdown of how much the latest illegal racial profiling case has cost the nativist and racist residents of th state of Maricopa who keep reelecting Arpaio to office. Arpaio profiling case costs taxpayers another $13M:

Babeu-ArpaioTaxpayers in metro Phoenix will have to pick up an additional $13 million over the next year to cover the costs of a racial profiling case that has proven to be the thorniest legal entanglement faced by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Maricopa County, which has already shelled out $41 million during the past eight years in the case, must keep covering those legal costs until Arpaio’s office is released from the supervision of the case judge — a resolution that is years away.

County officials are expected to tentatively approve the additional spending on Monday. A final vote is set for late June.

* * *

The $41 million spending so far includes $10 million in attorney fees and $5 million for the monitoring staff. It represents only a part of the county’s heavy legal costs over Arpaio’s 23-year tenure.

The county has had to pay an additional $79 million in legal costs related to Arpaio’s office. That figure includes judgments, settlements and legal fees involving things such as lawsuits over jail deaths and the lawman’s failed investigations of political enemies.

Arpaio, who earns $100,000 a year as sheriff and owns more than $2 million in commercial real estate, has never had to pull money from his own pocket to pay for legal costs directly tied to his work as sheriff.

But wait, there’s more!

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