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Arizona Eagletarian to cover and report on SCOTUS redistricting oral arguments

Dear Blog for Arizona readers and friends,

The Arizona Eagletarian will be traveling to Washington, DC for the oral arguments on March 2nd this year in two challenges to Independent Redistricting in our state.

As you know, I have reported on the proceedings of the Independent Redistricting Commission and the lawsuits, from the beginning of the current
cycle in December 2010.

Because I do not get paid by anyone for this reporting, in order for me to do this,
I must raise funds to cover my travel and lodging expenses. To do so, I set up a
campaign on

Please check out the campaign page and please contribute to enable me to
continue to provide this important service to the people of Arizona.

Thank you very much,

Steve Muratore, Publisher
Arizona Eagletarian




Dominionism to rise again in the AZ Legislature?

Cross posted from the Arizona Eagletarian.

Multiple sources have reported to the Arizona Eagletarian that on Monday, a bill or bills will be filed for the legislature to consider yet another tax giveaway, this time property taxes which will validate the Baptist church in Tempe that houses hatemongering preacher Steven Anderson, who has advocated execution of President Obama and LGBTQ American citizens. From the Arizona Republic:

His message is that killing gays is a divinely sanctioned way to rid the world of AIDS.

“Because if you executed the homos, like God recommends, you wouldn’t have all this AIDS running rampant,” Anderson said on the video. […]

This isn’t the first time Anderson has created controversy. Five years ago, when President Obama was in town, the Baptist pastor says a Bible passage about how King David prayed against his enemies (Psalms 109:9-10) tells him he should hate the president.

And this excerpt from a transcript of a Steven Anderson sermon, the audio of which is posted at Crooks and Liars, Continue reading

Apparently, I blog about reproductive rights too much.

I announced a while back that I would delete anti-choice comments or those dismissive of the idea that women’s reproductive rights are important and/or denying that those rights under constant attack by right wing politicians and “pro-life” bullies in the face of overwhelming evidence that that is exactly what is happening. I got one such comment yesterday and did delete it, as promised, and of course whining ensued by the commenter but fuck him because, as I said, I don’t have time to teach Pro-Choice 101 to people who clearly aren’t interested in understanding it.

I’m going to print part of his comment, though, because it is illustrative of a curious disparity in the response to my posting, which is admittedly (and proudly) focused on reproductive rights much of the time:

I have a hunch this issue took over your life a long time ago and it has now become, if not your life, then a major part of it. That’s sad. Especially when it leaves you so angry and bitter…

Continue reading

2014 General Election is all about APS; Republican voters should be very concerned

Crossposted from the Arizona Eagletarian

Yesterday afternoon, Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts asked the question, “Why is APS doling out cash to get Mark Brnovich elected?” It’s an excellent question.

Unfortunately, Roberts didn’t come up with an answer.

It’s not really a legitimate rhetorical question if the audience/readers cannot answer it for themselves. There is, however, a clear answer available. Voters — especially Republicans whose interests are being subverted — need to become aware of the background, reasons and the stakes involved. Continue reading

Friends Don’t Let Friends Vote for McDucey! or, Are you ready for Déjà vu all over again?

Cross posted from the Arizona Eagletarian

In a perfect world, our political processes would revolve entirely around polite discourse on the relative merits of public policy differences. And we could be assured that candidates emerging from primary elections would be the best possible options to choose from for any given public office.

Do we live in a perfect world?

While this year’s primary election did eliminate two very bad candidates (Horne and Huppenthal), the tragic reality is that we have had to pay the price of having those two dunderheads serving since 2010 in the offices they sought for reelection.

Arizona has had to endure, in the slightly more distant past, Evan Mecham and Fife Symington. One, a car dealer and myopic racist, the other having been tried, convicted and eventually pardoned for fraud in his business dealings. In all four cases, far too many voters initially either did not know or consciously chose to overlook relevant information about the candidate when it was available before they took the office and made fools of the voters who put them there. Continue reading