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Suppressed Memo Shows Tucson Police have Abandoned Traffic Enforcement

A suppressed memo from a civilian oversight commission studying the Tucson Police Department reveals that the department has shut down the Traffic Enforcement Division and a night patrol program, cutting the number of traffic stops and tickets by more than half.

“The Tucson police have just gotten out of traffic enforcement business. It’s rare to see someone getting a ticket pull over, but it’s so common to see people running red lights. We spend too much on the police department to tolerate this,” says Jim Hannley, a former member of the Independent Audit and Performance Commission, and author of the suppressed TPD IAPC Memo.

Hannley, a safety advocate and TPD critic, was appointed to the commission in 2014. He wrote the 10-page memo calling on the mayor and city council to confront the Police Department about abandoning traffic enforcement. “It seems that the interests of public safety must prevail over the discretion of the officers whose job it is to make our streets and roads safer,” he said in the Feb. 4, 2016 memo.

The commission voted on April 6, 2017, to suppress the memo, according to an April 10, 2017 email sent by Joyce Garland, CFO/Assistant City Manager. Continue reading

El Tour de Tucson 2018 unofficial results

The famous El Tour de Tucson hosted by Perimeter Bicycling was held today, with rides of 100, 75, 50, 25 miles.  Here’s the unofficial results:

Congratulations to all who participated. I used to help register kids (and parents) for the Fun  Rides, but have moved on to other volunteer activities.

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Jerome Beillard Festival for Life

The Jerome Beillard Festival for Life celebrates 30 years on Saturday, November 17, 2018!

The 30th Anniversary of the Jermone Beillard Festival for Life will be held on Saturday, November 17, 2018, at the Tucson Convention Center, Crystal Ballroom.

Event Schedule

  • 5:30 pm Registration open
  • 6:00 pm Main Doors Open
  • 7:15 pm-8:00 pm Live Auction  – TBD
  • 8:45 pm- Section 1 Closes
  • 9:15 pm- Section 2 Closes

“December 8, 1989, was the first Festival of the Trees, a fundraiser for the People with AIDS Coalition of Tucson (P.A.C.T). The event auctioned off nearly 200 decorated trees and wreathes for the holiday season. Over the years, the event grew and in 1992, Festival of the Trees became Festival for Life adding artwork, menorahs, and celebrity items. That year also had a special appearance by Miss Mary Wilson, formerly of the Supremes. In 1995, P.A.C.T.’s co-founder and Executive Director, Jerome Beillard, passed away from AIDS complications and Festival for Life was renamed to the JerA?me Beillard Festival for Life – honoring the work and spirit of a great man. Each year added amazing artwork, designer Christmas trees, gift baskets, celebrity items, and sculptures. Each year also added local sponsors and community members all supporting the same cause.

In 1997, when the three AIDS Service Organizations merged to create the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation (SAAF) – the Paper Prayer Benefit from the Shanti Foundation was added to Festival for Life. Local artists, students, and others create strips of art that represent an ancient Japanese tradition of giving a person who is ill a Paper Prayer as a gift to bring good health. Each year, Festival for Life continues to sell hundreds of Papers to Prayers to be used as cards and tokens of good health.”

LD 9 Senator-elect Victoria Steele launches “The Steele Report” on KVOI 1030 AM radio

State Senator-elect in LD 9 Victoria Steele has launched a radio show entitled “The Steele Report” on KVOI  The Voice  on 1030  AM radio.  Her show will be weekly on Saturdays from 9 to 10 a.m. “The Steele Report is an insider’s look at News, Politics and Current Events. This is the debut show on the 2018 Election.”

LD 9 Senator-elect Victoria Steele

“Victoria Steele is a lifelong activist, a former Arizona State Representative, Professional Counselor, and Personal Life Coach. In her first two terms in office Victoria authored and passed legislation for Mental Health First Aid and a bill to help victims of child sex-trafficking.”

Her first show on Nov. 10 can be listened to here (below).    She  interviewed Pima County Democratic Party Chair Dr. Jo Holt and Pima County Republican County Chair David Eppihimer.  In the 2nd half she interviewed  reporters Jimmy Zuma (D.C.),  and Danyelle Khmara (formerly with Tucson Weekly, now with AZ Daily Star).

Victoria won the LD 9 State Senate election  in the General Election of 11/6/18 (latest tally):

Victoria Steele (D)  52,904    62.3%

Randall Fleenor (R)   31,950   37.7%

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Celebrate 33rd Year anniversary of Tucson Clean & Beautiful

“Thank you for your support and encouragement in 2018!
At Tucson Clean and Beautiful, we believe the combined and coordinated efforts of all of our simple acts create regional change. Thanks to each one of you for your volunteerism and generosity. Whether you cleaned up your neighborhood, snagged a stray piece of litter, planted a tree (or two), gathered rainwater, reduced your use and recycled, helped your neighbor, or so many other simple acts – you make this special place we call home a little bit better. All added together, it is change for the good.

Come visit the Tucson Clean and Beautiful staff, board of directors, and volunteers as we celebrate 33 years of making Tucson a little cleaner and greener, a little cooler, a more beautiful place to live, work, and play. We’ll be at Crooked Tooth Brewing Company, 228 E 6th St, Tucson, AZ 85705 from Noon to 9PM for the Tucson Clean and Beautiful 2nd Annual ROOTED Celebration. We’ll have a pop up tree sale, workshops, and environmental themed art from 20 of Tucson’s finest artists.”

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