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Arizona’s Imprisonment Crisis: The High Price of Prison Growth

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In the last 40 years, prison populations across the nation have skyrocketed. But even compared to this disturbing national trend, Arizona has been an outlier, growing by a multiple of 12 during forty years in which the national prison population quadrupled, according to a new report by Fwd.US.

While Arizona’s resident population has increased over this period, it has not kept pace with prison growth. Since 2000, the state population has grown by 33 percent while the prison population has grown by 60 percent — nearly twice as fast. Crime has also declined over this period, both in total numbers and as a per capita rate. Click here to learn more about why Arizona’s growing prison population cannot be justified or explained by rising crime or demographic trends.

Fwd.US is a group of business and tech leaders committed to meaningful reform and moving America forward.

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FACT CHECK: Sen. Kyl’s Lobbying Firm Did NOT Spend $1M+ To Promote Kavanaugh

Arizona’s Politics has reported multiple times on Senator-Turned-Lobbyist-Turned-Sherpa-Turned-Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) and his activities related to current Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. And, Arizona’s Politics has questioned Kyl repeatedly for the details of his sherpa’ing and lobbying since President Trump took office. With that in mind, the calls today for Kyl to “recuse” himself from the nomination vote (if/when it takes place) caught our attention.

State lawmaker Daniel Hernandez, Jr. called for the recusal on Twitter (below) and Arizona Republic columnist E.J. Montini made the case in detail.

Kyl has done both sherpa’ing and lobbying for Trump nominees, which has created some of the confusion. Montini’s column is evidence. He states that “Kyl’s lobbying firm spent more than a million dollars in TV ads promoting Kavanaugh,” and that “as a lobbyist Kyl worked for Kavanaugh.” These are not accurate.

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UPDATE: Republic Article On AZ AG’s Involvement With APS & Prop. 127; APS CURRENT Donations To Re-Elect Brnovich (#50ShadesOfDarkMoney)

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We need to call attention to an illuminating article by Ryan Randazzo in the Arizona Republic about the Arizona Attorney General’s Office making changes to the wording of Proposition 127 – the Clean Energy initiative on the November 6 ballot. Arizona Public Service is investing heavily in defeating the measure.

Randazzo includes a focus on the $425,000 that Pinnacle West (APS’ parent) sent to the Republican Attorneys General Association in 2014 to assist then-candidate Mark Brnovich in his campaign. (He indirectly credited Arizona’s Politics by citing columnist Laurie Roberts’ 2014 column citing our initial article.)

Arizona’s Politics was also the first to report that APS has contributed $50,000 (so far) to RAGA to re-elect Brnovich.

Our articles have hinted at the oddness of the APS/RAGA monies, as opposed to

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Sexual Misconduct Allegation Against Brett Kavanaugh

By Michael Bryan

Is Judge Kavanaugh about to have a #Metoo moment?

Sen. Dianne Feinstein has reported to the FBI an allegation concerning Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh that appeared to be connected to an incident of potential sexual abuse when he was a teenager, a person familiar with the matter said.

If the allegation has any basis, this is likely to be only the first drop in a leaky faucet of allegations against the Judge, if history and criminology provide any guide.

Could Kavanaugh be brought as low as Yahya Yuksel by a single allegation of misconduct as a teenager? If there is justice in the world, maybe; but there isn’t so much of that, and Kavanaugh is at the peak of his career, not a naive young man starting out in public life, so likely not.

We only need two votes to block Kavanaugh if the Dems hang together. Here’s hoping that Kavanaugh gets some just desserts.

What the Republicans Have Done to Us

Facebook Posting by Democratic Secretary of State Candidate Katie Hobbs showing Republican Governor Doug Ducey posing with White Supremacists.

Recently on YouTube, I happened by a scene from one of the all-time great comedies Monty Python’s “Life of Brian.” While not as good as “The Holy Grail,” there are many funny moments.

The scene which inspired this piece (link below) is when the Judean revolutionaries ask “What have the Romans Ever Done for Us?” The gathering then brought up the many contributions the Romans did make to the Judean Society. It is a very funny scene.

With that in mind, it came to mind to write down what have the Republicans done to us at the State and Federal Level over the last 30 years. They have:
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CALL TUESDAY for ACC Public Comment: TEP Energy Phase 2 Solar Rate Case on Net Metering

TEP Energy and UES Electric Phase 2 Solar Rate Cases are on the Tuesday, September 11, 2018 Arizona Corporation Commission agenda. This could mean the end of Solar Net Metering* in Southern AZ is imminent. That will make it less cost efficient to install rooftop solar. Please, consider calling in to make a public comment.

Dial-in Phone Number: 1-800-689-9374 (Passcode: 415962 for Public Comment)

*Net metering is a billing mechanism that credits solar energy system owners for the electricity they add to the grid. Net metering allows residential and commercial customers who generate their own electricity from solar power to feed electricity they do not use back into the grid.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018 10:00 a.m.
1200 West Washington Street, First Floor Phoenix, AZ 85007

Phoenix residents, please, consider giving your public comment in person.

HEARING NOTE: Commissioners may attend the proceedings in person, or by telephone, video, or internet conferencing, and may use this open meeting to ask questions about the matters on the agenda. The Commissioners may move to executive session, which will not be open to the public, for the purpose of legal advice pursuant to A.R.S. § 38-431.03(A).

Agendas are also available online at:

Dial-in Phone Number: 1-800-689-9374 (Passcode: 415962 for Public Comment (or 415960 to Listen Only).

For a live broadcast feed or archived videos:

For agenda and other information: