Join in the celebration of Japanese traditional Children’s Day on May 3rd at Yume Japanese Gardens (1 to 4 p.m.)
Goldfish netting will test their dexterity, summer yukatas will keep them cool and colorful, origami lessons will give them a chance at making their own paper creations,  and there will be more traditional Japanese toys than ever to intrigue them. This event will end our Spring garden viewing season, so come for a last look at the gardens before we close for the summer.To purchase tickets go to: Tickets prices: $10 member adults, $15 nonmember adults; children under 10 years are  free.

May 5th (5/5 in the calendar) used to be  Boys’ Day in the Japanese culture, but in Japan it is now Children’s Day.  (Girls’ Day is celebrated on March 3rd – 3/3). However, back in Hawaii, the locals celebrate it still as Boys’ Day where families fly the koi  (carp windsocks) outside their homes corresponding to the number of boys in their family.  (Being as I had two brothers, we always used to fly two koi).

Happy Children’s (and Boys’) Day!

Please note that Yume gardens closes for the summer months, from May 4 to September 30, 2014.