Donald Trump accuses Phoenix officials of willfully endangering thousands of lives…


By Craig McDermott, crossposted from Random Musings

…or maybe Trump is just inflating the numbers of his supporters in order to boost his own ego…




The above tweet was posted this morning, but even before the event, he was engaged in shameless number inflation (posted on Twitter Saturday morning) –


Let’s be clear, the capacity of the venue is 4200 people at maximum (depending on the configuration of the room, that capacity may be lower; for the sake of this post, I’m assuming that they used the configuration with the highest capacity).  From the website of the Phoenix Convention Center







The funny thing is, a turnout of ~4500 for an event at this point of the presidential election cycle is incredibly good.

However, by needlessly puffing up the numbers in order to puff up his ego, Trump undercut his already-limited credibility.

Of course, that predilection does lend some insight into why Trump is almost as famous for his serial bankruptcies as he is for his TV show.



The entire Phoenix fire code is available here.

The Phoenix municipal code is available here.  I’m not a lawyer (in other words, do your own research if you think action in this area might be fruitful), but if Trump is willing and able to present evidence of malfeasance by “convention center officials”, section 1.5 of the Phoenix City Code seems to indicate that those officials could possibly be guilty of a Class One misdemeanor.

Though with the alleged number of people allegedly endangered, someone may be able to bootstrap some felony charges…of course, if, as seems likely, Trump is just talking out of his ass, felony charges may still be warranted.

Different charges, though. 🙂


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