A Community Conversation on Maintaining Safe & Productive Classrooms

Community conversation on school climate -- April 26-page-001

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  1. Over 60 people at this community conversation tonight, to discuss components of a “safe and productive classroom”, what’s working elsewhere, and specifically about TUSD issues. Panelists introduced themselves: Debbie at TMM Children’s Services is in charge of 53 foster children; Betts is a parent volunteer/activist; Lori is a director at ACA and substitute teacher; Mark is a UA college prof. and current TUSD Board member. The conversation focused on the classroom environment, with mostly teachers in the room expressing their concerns over discipline, more violence, defensive parents, control in the classroom, change from inquiry based learning to teaching to the standards curriculum, lack of professional development and administrative support. Partnerships with other agencies such as TMM and ACA are needed, but funding is decreasing there as well. Finally several suggestions were offered about programs that are working such as parenting theater, more dialogues (not monologues from the administration), more teacher’s aides, reward/feedback systems for the students. In audience tonight were Georgia Brousseau, former PCC Governing Bd. member and school administrator, DA Morales of “Three Sonorans” blogsite, and former State Senator Paula Aboud.

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