Advocacy Training for 2019 Arizona Legislative Session

Tory Roberg

Hosted by Arizona Ground Game and 2 others

Tory Roberg is a well-respected, professional lobbyist at the state Capitol, known for her work to promote minority groups and otherwise unpopular issues among the legislative majority. Her work has repeatedly put her on the front lines of important social battles.
Tory has worked at the organizational, state legislative and federal government level, helping unify various and sometimes disparate groups around great causes. She is known for her endurance, her spunk, her intelligence, and her willingness to continue fighting for what’s right and just. She holds a Masters in Public Administration from ASU and has over 15 years in public policy advocacy and nonprofit administration.
Sponsored by: Pima Area Labor Federation, The AZ Ground Game, Justice Alliance, A Philip Randolph Institute, YWCA, Voices for Education, LD10, LD9, PDA, PDoSA.”

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