AEA Education Town Hall


“You are invited to hear the Democratic Primary candidates for the 2018 Arizona Governor’s race speak about education issues, including public education funding, vouchers, and addressing the state’s teacher shortage.

Education Town Hall Agenda

5-6 p.m. Networking / Registration
6-7:45 p.m. Town Hall
8-8:30 p.m. Members-only Dessert Reception”

RSVP required: (for room space accomodations)

Carolyn’s note:  Running (so far) on the Dem ticket for Governor are LD 9 State Senator Steve Farley and ASU Professor David Garcia, who ran for AZ Supe of Public Instruction in Nov. 2014.  The winner of the August 2018 primary will face off with Republican Governor Doug Ducey.

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  1. North Of The Valley

    The AEA website didn’t show Phoenix Town Hall event this week,so couldn’t go……and no journalism left in the “Valley”,I don’t know what happened.

    • Carolyn Classen

      Sorry to hear this that you missed the AEA Phoenix town hall. I’ve had this event listed for weeks here (since 10/24/17) on our BfAZ Calendar. I’ve noticed that many groups post events on FB but don’t update on their official website. I try to post Phoenix progressive events when I have time, but I’ve been swamped since the Trump Administration took over in January. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Overflow crowd at Pueblo HS cafeteria for this event, over 250 attendees. Welcome by Jason Freed TEA President, then Joe Thomas, AEA President. Attending were TUSD Bd. members Adelita Grijalva & Kristel Foster, SUSD Bd. member Buck Crouch, PCC Bd. member Mark Hanna, Pima County School Supe Dustin Williams, David Schapira Tempe Councilman and candidate for AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction. Thomas said that “we have to win and elect pro-education candidates.” Background of both candidates given by HS moderators, then welcome statements followed by questions: what to do to retain teachers & help beyond salary increases; how change/support school counselors; how approach antiquated school funding formula; position on charter schools; why did 27 budget overrides in Maricopa County pass and 3 of 4 fail in Pima County; support ethnic studies ban in TUSD; support collective bargaining in right to work state; how convince Independents & Republicans to vote for you; support for Dreamers and DACA youth; position on Prop. 203 and impact on ELL students; support for electricians,plumbers/technical studies/JTED; where will we be at the end of your term as Governor; how win again Republican Governor Doug Ducey? Both candidates gave eloquent answers and had similar positions on most of these questions. Farley said in closing statement that he had 11 years in the Arizona legislature, had “fire in his belly”, knows how to work with Republicans. Garcia is born/raised in Arizona, said while Ducey was “serving ice cream” he was “serving his country” in the military, wants to make national history by being a Hispanic educator beating an incumbent Governor. Also attending tonight were numerous candidates: for CD 2 House Bruce Wheeler & Mary Matiella; Ralph Atchue (LD 11 Senate), Domingo DeGrazia & Nikki Lee (LD 10 House); Betty Villegas (LD 3 Senate), Andres Cano (LD 3 House).

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