American Gun Debate: Past, Present, Future

October 20, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
UA ENR2 Building
1064 E Lowell St
Tucson, AZ 85719
“This coming Friday, the UA will host a discussion on the evolution of gun politics. It’s a highly divisive issue and so having it over at the ENR2 building on campus will perhaps set a tone for a balanced and civil exchange.
The panel will be made up of Kristin Goss and Philip Cook from Duke University, David Kopel from Denver Law and the Independence Institute, and Robert Spitzer from SUNY. Each is a long-time contributor to the issue of gun policy in America.
The panel is going to focus on how the debate over gun policy has changed, where it’s headed, and the role academia may play in the discussion. The NRA has successfully lobbied to cut funds for research of gun-related deaths from the Centers for Disease Control but, so if academia can fill that void, I’m all for it.
If you plan on attending, please let Jennifer Carlson know in advance. You can reach her by email at She’s an Assistant Professor in Sociology and Government & Public Policy at the UA. Her focus is on American gun culture, policing and public law enforcement.
There will be an opportunity for audience Q&A during the exchange.”
Co-Sponsored by the Andrew Carnegie Foundation as well as the Rombach Institute, the School of Government and Public Policy and the School of Sociology at the University of Arizona.

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