Answer the Call: a workshop for white folks on building anti-racist momentum in our community

May 9, 2015 @ 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Joel D. Valdez Main library
101 North Stone Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85701


The newly organized Tucson Black Lives Matter Solidarity Group will present a free half-day workshop designed to offer a framework and skills for participants to:

• take action to challenge institutional/cultural racism;
• interrupt moments of racism as they arise; and
• acquire tools to come together with other white folks to deepen dialogue and
move to action in solidarity with people of color-led movements for racial justice.


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One response to “Answer the Call: a workshop for white folks on building anti-racist momentum in our community

  1. About 60 people in attendance at this workshop, mostly young people. Black Lives Matter faciitator Becky and her team of 4 others (Brook, Sam, Nathan and Liz) spoke of their social justice backgrounds, wanting to “build community and a movement” for white people to strengthen leadership skills and learn tangible tools to dismantle white supremacy in America. She spoke of racism being systemic, a problem being that “power & wealth are in a few white men”. After the welcome/guidelines/values of the day, the group broke into 2 person dialogues about what brought them to the workshop & earlierst memory of racism. Then there was a forum theater of the oppressed, in which people role played racist situations and how to handle them, esp. how to imagine another or different narrative/way the situation could have happened. The sample forum theater was about a guy at a party saying that “All Lives Matter” and questioning why there was a need for “Black Lives Matter” activism. The group I participated in was a dialogue between an older white man saying he approved of racial profiling of black and Muslim men, and a younger woman questioning his statements. The workshop continued after lunch w/ more dialogue circles and a creative discussion about moving toward action. Stay tuned for more workshops. A few people of color did attend – 3 blacks, a Hispanic and me.

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