Arizona Talks: The Superintendent’s Role in Education

“Arizona Talks continues its Education talks series with a conversation on The Superintendent of Public Instruction in Arizona. Our forum is on Tuesday February 20th at 6:30PM in Old Town Scottsdale.

The short forum is titled, “The Superintendent’s Role in Education” and it will be composed of a conversation between the current Superintendent and candidates for the position. Our goal is to host a space where attendees can learn and hear discussion between knowledgeable people about this educational, political, and relevant topic. We will be discussing ideas like the job of the Superintendent, how the role can influence change, and solutions for Arizona’s Education system.

Our speakers:

The Conversation will be moderated by Alia Rau from the Arizona Republic

-Superintendent Diane Douglas

-David Schapira

-Bob Branch

-Stacie Banks

-Tracy Livingston

Listen and meet directly from each candidate why this elected position is pivotal for the success of Arizona’s education system. Forum start time will be at 6:30PM. Doors Open at 6PM.

We are also looking for event sponsors, please email and learn more here:

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  1. Additional Dem candidate in this School Superintendent race (unable to attend) is Kathy Hoffman:

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