Az Daily Star cartoonist Dave Fitzsimmmons (aka Fitz)

“Fitz at The Loft!
If you’ve never seen a Fitz presentation here’s your chance! Come see Fitz, at The Loft, THIS Saturday, April 21st at 10 A.M.! The program will feature a live recording of “The Point Being” podcast, with Editorial Page Editor Sarah Garrecht Gassen, Editorial Writer Luis Carrasco and cartoonist Dave Fitzsimmons, followed by an audience Q&A, followed by a Fitzsimmons cartoon presentation. After the show Fitz will be selling and signing his new book, filled with some of his best cartoons from his 30 year career at Arizona Daily Star.”

One response to “Az Daily Star cartoonist Dave Fitzsimmmons (aka Fitz)

  1. AZ Daily Star Podcast recording here:

    Episode 32: Fitz Unchained

    Recorded live at The Loft, we talk about Arizona teachers striking, James Comey’s book and celebrate 30 years of Fitz.

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