Beth Meyer: Meet/Greet with Leading for Change (CANCELLED)

October 10, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
YWCA of Southern Arizona
525 N Bonita Ave
Tucson, AZ 85745
 UPDATE:”Sorry folks we are cancelling. Look for future dates in January around Message Delivery. Thank you and keep on organizing!! Stay tuned for back to back training on Running for Office and Messaging. If you have any questions please call us at 520-884-7810 ext 7104 or email us at
Thank you and many apologies, we are working hard to be as responsive to community needs as we can be. In the meantime, please make your voice heard, by participating in our Operation Haboob survey.

-the STAT Team

“Have you thought about running for office?
Whether you are considering running for a school board member, state legislature or federal position, or maybe running a campaign you probably have questions. Join us as Beth Meyer of Leading for Change shares their work in training folks to run for office.Ask questions and learn more about the opportunities available through Leading for Change. Leading For Change
Our Purpose
To ensure that all people living in our country have equal access to opportunities that enable them to advance economically, academically and socially.Our Mission
To provide leaders and emerging leaders with the necessary and effective tools, resources and networks to advance social justice and progressive values in communities.

Our Values
All persons living in the United States have access to:
Quality Education at all levels of learning
Quality Health Care for children, youth and adults
A Fair and Compassionate Judicial System
Freedom of Choice
Equality in the Workplace
Leading For Change (LFC) is a non-profit, non-partisan training organization dedicated to developing the next generation of civic leaders in their quest to enhance the lives and opportunities in their communities. Through a cadre of programs, collaborations and partnerships with diverse community leaders and social justice organizations, we are working to build a foundation for and pipeline of civic leaders who are prepared to reshape Arizona for the betterment of its people – children, youth and adults alike.

Founded by Beth Meyer, former National State Operations Vice President of the Center for Progressive Leadership, in collaboration with community leaders and elected officials, Leading For Change was established to fill gaps in the training and preparation of emerging leaders planning to run for office, engaged in community organizing, developing policy and/or working within non-profit social justice organizations.

Our Trainings
LFC trainings are intentionally designed to be transformational. Going beyond skills training, our interactive training and learning approaches forge new ways of thinking, and exercising leadership. Expert trainers and curriculum challenge participants to reflect critically, draw upon their experiences, and expand their approach to and practice of leadership for change. Program Overviews

Concentrating on a specific set of political leadership areas, including leading by your values, using power; communicating; creating and relaying a vision; planning strategically; engaging and understanding your community. Our comprehensive programs are comprised of diverse leaders who are civically involved. These include;
Advocacy and Non-Profit Leaders
Community Organizers and Activists
Future Candidates
Public Officials
City, County and State Policy-Makers and Influencers”

Hosted by YWCA Arizona – STAT-Stand Together Arizona Training & Advocacy and YWCA Southern Arizona- Frances McClelland Community Center

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