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By Carolyn Classen, blogger
“LD20 Democrats is sponsoring another car caravan on Saturday October 17th from 3:30pm-5pm in a show of support for Black Lives Matter (BLM) and the importance of voting. During this unprecedented time where meeting in large gatherings is not recommended, yet still wanting to show support for BLM, LD20 Democrats has setup this unique event for all to safely participate in.
On Oct 17th, we will be meeting outside of the MetroCenter Cholla library where we will be affixing pre-made signs (or bring your own) along with flags to our cars from 3:30pm-3:50pm. At 4pm we will launch as a caravan from MetroCenter Cholla Library.
Our route will be making a large rectangle between 59th Ave and 19th Ave, Peoria Ave to Glendale Ave, leaving and returning from MetroCenter.
We would love to have another great showing at our October event. Tell your friends. Anyone can attend. For more information, contact Chris Gehlker at 602-370-0128 or canyonrat@icloud.com.”
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