Border Walls, Prison Walls, Militarized Police & Drug Wars

“Featuring: Natali Segovia, Emcee, National Lawyers Guild Indigenous Rights Committee Chair and member of Alliance for Global Justice Board

Nasim Chatha, Prison Imperialism project coordinator for Alliance for Global Justice, speaking on Prison Imperialism and the Drug War

Eduardo Garcia, School of the Americas Watch Coordinator, speaking on the US Role in Military, Paramilitary and Police Repression in Mexico

Isabel Garcia, Derechos Humanos Coalition, speaking on Border Militarization and Detention Centers in the United States

Todd Miller, Author of Border Patrol Nation, speaking on US funded Border Militarization and Detention Centers in Mexico

David Archuleta, Lucha Unida de Padres y Estudiantes, speaking on the Bi-National Struggle against Empire and Repression

Suggested donation: $5 and up; no one turned away for lack of payment

6pm Dinner with delegates for AfGJ’s Tear Down the Walls Delegation to Mexico
7pm Forum begins

This forum will examine how the US government is spreading mass incarceration and police and border militarization in both the United States and Mexico. These programs are largely funded as part of the “War on Drugs”. The speakers will look at these issues from a variety of perspectives with time for questions and comments from the audience at the end of the event.”

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