Broadway Coalition: Call to Action at Mayor & Council Meeting

    May 6, 2014 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
    Mayor and Council Chambers
    Broadway Coalition: Call to Action at Mayor & Council Meeting @ Mayor and Council Chambers | Tucson | Arizona | United States


    The Tucson Mayor and Council will hear an update to the Broadway Blvd widening at the study session on Tuesday, May 6, beginning at noon. You’ll remember that the RTA included funds to significantly widen Broadway Blvd. Since the city has not grown the way it was projected years ago when the widening was first proposed, citizens have been trying to reduce scope of the project and save some historically significant buildings along the route. Here’s the background on this issue: Public forum today: Should RTA knock down 100 buildings to make Broadway look like a freeway?

    From the Broadway Coalition…

    Jennifer Toothaker will be making a presentation to the Mayor and Council on Tuesday, May 6 regarding the Broadway Project. She will be presenting the Technical Advisory Task Force recommendations (the TAC is made up of City, RTA, and County employees) that the 4-Lane alternative for the Broadway Boulevard project be removed from further consideration, and that the 6-Lane be all that is considered.

    On Wednesday, April 30, the Citizen Task Force (CTF) that has been meeting for almost two years decided that they are not ready to make a recommendation to the Mayor and Council regarding number of lanes or roadway width until after the next public meeting on May 22. They were told that the County and RTA will pull their funding if a 4-Lane alignment is recommended despite the fact that neither the RTA Board or the Pima County Board of Supervisors has voted on this issue. We are concerned that the Mayor and Council vote to eliminate the 4-Lane alternative despite that alternative being the one favored overwhelmingly by  citizens at every public meeting.

    WE URGE YOU TO SEND AN EMAIL MESSAGE TO YOUR COUNCIL MEMBER  AND THE MAYOR REGARDING THIS ISSUE BEFORE MAY 6. Below are three possible messages you could send or any other you might want to compose.

    -Do not let the TAC undermine the CTF process working on alignments for the Broadway Boulevard Project. Let the CTF process work.

    -TAC recommendations are based on the false idea that RTA and County won’t fund the 4-Lane alignment of the Broadway Boulevard Project. Neither Board has taken action on this project. From my perspective it is an attempt by the TAC to intimidate the citizen task force process.

    -I would like to call to your attention that the TAC recommendations on the Broadway Boulevard Project are based on the bogus notion that tearing out businesses will increase business vitality. I support our local businesses and historic buildings in the Sunshine Mile.

    Mayor and Council Members’ email addresses and phone numbers.

    Mayor Jonathan Rothchild    791-4201

    Council Member Regina Romero   791-4040

    Council Member Paul Cunningham     791-4687

    Council Member Karin Uhlich     791-4711

    Council Member Shirley Scott   791-3199

    Council Member Richard Fimbres    791-4231

    Council Member Steve Kozachiek     791-4601


    Margot Garcia

    for the Broadway Coalition

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