Cam Juarez’s re-election campaign kick off for TUSD School Board


Cam Juarez was elected to the TUSD School Board in Nov. 2012, and is seeking his 2nd term.

TUSD School Board member Cam Juarez

TUSD School Board member Cam Juarez

“He has worked with various non-profit agencies and for two county
departments focusing on youth and community development. He formerly
worked for Pima County’s Neighborhood Reinvestment Program, where he
has helped to revitalize communities through neighborhood improvement
projects. Cam has worked with over 26 communities and managed over six
million dollars of Pima County Bond funds since 2004.”

Cam’s new job: Community Engagement Coordinator for Saguaro National Park. He also serves as the Public Information Officer for NPS – Saguaro.

 Carolyn’s note: Up for re-election this year are Cam (D), Kirstel Foster (D) and Mark Stegeman (I). This is a nonpartisan race. I hear that Democrats Betts Putnam-Hidalgo and Don Cotton (both ran twice before), and Lori Riegel  are also interested in running for this school board.

One response to “Cam Juarez’s re-election campaign kick off for TUSD School Board

  1. Lots of campaign supporters at Cam’s kickoff tonight for re-election including Ruben Reyes for CD 3 Congressman Raul Grijalva, LD 9 State Rep. Matt Kopec, District 5 Supervisor Richard Elias, TUSD Board member Adelita Grijalva, Sunnyside School Bd. member Eva Dong Carrillo, former TUSD Bd. member Tomas Castillo, TUSD Superintendent HT Sanchez. Cam spoke about “sacrifice” personally to serve in this unpaid volunteer board position, but that we all did it because we support public education. He said his tenure was “not perfect, but look to progress” for the students and TUSD, with “continuity of success” with HT. Enrique Garcia recited a moving poem, and campaign co-chairs Michelle Crow and Tomas Castillo spoke as well.

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