Campaign kick off for Pamela Powers Hannley for LD 9 House


Save the date for my campaign kick-off and my first Give Me $5 party in LD9– at my good friend and amazing artist Roberta Lewis’ house in the foothills of LD9.

Candidates who are running “traditional” have parties for donors with big checks. As a Clean Elections candidate, I don’t need donors with $5000 checks, I’m looking for voters with $5 Clean Elections Contributions in their pockets and a pen to sign my nominating petitions. 

Carolyn’s Note: Pam Powers Hannley, blogger at Blog for Arizona, is running as a Clean Elections candidate in LD 9 House.

Her website:

Checks still work! If you would rather mail a seed money donation, please address the check to Pamela Powers Hannley for House and send it to: Pamela Powers Hannley for House, P.O. Box 42284, Tucson, Arizona 85733

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