Civics 101 with Indivisible Southern AZ

December 3, 2017 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Woods Memorial Library
3455 N 1st Ave
Tucson, AZ 85719

“It’s been a long time for most of us since our last civics lesson. We invite you to join us for a non-partisan, embarrassment-free opportunity to reacquaint yourself with the basic structures of our federal, state and local governments.

Knowing how your federal, state and local governments work allows you to make informed choices, make the right call to get your issues addressed and make your voice heard.

Join us to learn how becoming more informed will make you a better citizen. Learn why your vote counts. We, the people, ARE the government of United States of America! You can look it up!

Brought to you by Indivisible Southern Arizona. ”

One response to “Civics 101 with Indivisible Southern AZ

  1. Around the country there is an emerging phenomenon called “women’s huddles”. It is a response to the political climate that has enabled the exploitation, sexual harassment and oppression of women.

    There is hope that these social-justice huddles will have a political impact by a focus significantly different from identity politics which has proven to be a divisive and losing strategy. It is obvious that the movement would 1) encourage women to run for offices on school boards, advisory boards, and local and federal elected positions, 2) encourage young women to apply for internships and staff positions as a preparation for wider media, economic, and political roles 3) reform the political and legal structures that enable, condone, and facilitate oppression of women 4) influence school curricula to offer courses on human growth and development with an appreciation for diversity and address problems of bullying and on-line harassment 5) demand that Congress address the problems prevalent on social media.

    A wider focus proposed for these “huddle” groups is economic, social-justice family issues: 1) equal pay for equal work 2) a living family wage which benefits single mothers and children but also keeps families together with lessened tensions 3) quality and affordable public and higher education 4) affordable health care maintaining the ACA 10 categories of essential services many of which impact women, mothers and infants 5) racial justice so that women of color no longer have to fear for the lives of their children.

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