Civil Discourse workshop

Civil Discourse workshop on March 19 at Temple Emanu-El

“You are cordially invited to attend and participate Civil Discourse: How do we do it? Monday, March 19, 2018 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm Are you interested in restoring kindness and respect in the public sphere? Join with members of the Tucson community in discussing successful examples of civility and exploring how we bring more civility to our conversations. We’ll begin with six community leaders sharing stories of civility in action. Then we will break into small groups facilitated by neutral facilitators to tell our own stories. Share and learn principles and techniques of positive social influence that you can use to inspire cooperation and build community.


Gregg Garfin, PhD, Deputy Director for Science Translation & Outreach, Institute of the Environment

Raquel Goodrich, Deputy Director, National Institute for Civil Discourse

Jeannette Mare, Ben’s Bells

Jonathan Rothschild, Mayor, City of Tucson

Catherine Tornbom, Center for Community Dialogue & Training

Barbara Warren, Arizona Director, Physicians for Social Responsibility

The moderator will be Stuart Moody, co-founder, Mindful Ambassadors of UA. Also joining the program is Tassneem Solieman, who will offer an opening meditation, and Twinfeathers, sharing the soothing sounds of the Native American Flute.

Date: Monday, March 19, 2018 Registration: 6:30 pm Forum: 7-9 pm Location: Temple Emanu-El, 225 N Country Club Rd Cost: Free and open to the public Donations will be gratefully accepted to offset the cost of the event RSVP here:

Sponsors: Ben’s Bells

Center for Compassion Studies Center for Community Dialogue & Training

National Institute for Civil Discourse

Physicians for Social Responsibility

Sustainable Tucson

Questions? Contact Catherine Tornbom The Center for Community Dialogue & Training

The Center helps Southern Arizonans talk about challenging issues and topics in a skilled, civil and respectful way. We offer trainings, mediation, community forums, and ongoing programs such as Peace Circles, Elder Circles and Democracy Circles. The Center is a program of Our Family Services. Contact Catherine Tornbom at for more information.” Center for Community Dialogue & Training Our Family Services 3830 E Bellevue Street Tucson, AZ 84716

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  1. About 60 people at this workshop to learn why does civility matter? MC Stuart Moody introduced all 6 panelists, in effort to “build community” not resentment, to listen & learn, putting others first. Catherine spoke first about last Wed. school walk out where she witnessed 41 dialogue circles at THS, in which students learned that “what they said mattered”. Gregg gave general ideas about energizing the choir, for the common good, for consensus & compromise, practicing mediation and finding safe places. Raquel gave the example of co-worker former Ohio House Rep. Ted Celeste, who ran a positive campaign, changed dynamics and won. She also spoke of her center’s Next Generation workshops to bring Rs and Ds together to build trust. Barbara gave example of her Building Resilient Neighborhoods workshops to 20 such groups in town, with one facilitator Gene Einfrank recently handling a problematic attendee with grace & civility. The Mayor talked about how he has to remain civil 16 hours/day, and remembered how then-Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was civil at a contentious town hall on the ACA years ago. He also gave the example of Pres. Abe Lincoln who had contentious members on his Cabinet talk to each other, listen to all sides, and even Lincoln’s opponent was forgiven by him. Lastly Jeannette talked about kindness being a skill set of communication and quoted from a book she was reading “Waking Up ‘White” about how cultural norms prevented discussion of difficult subjects which people disagreed on. Then group focused converations followed, which I was unable to attend. Granted — civility is difficult in our times, esp. here on Blog for Arizona where some of our readers lack it.

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