Civil Rights Restoration Workshop

“This free workshop is for people with Arizona and Federal convictions, intended for those who have already completed their sentences. To prepare, please bring all paperwork about your conviction. To obtain an Arizona Certificate of Absolute Discharge request form, go to:
LOCATION: Pima County Public Defender’s Office – 10th Floor Conference RoomQUESTIONS? Contact Alonzo Morado, Primavera Foundation Community Engagement Coordinator, at (520) 882-5383 x181 or

EVENT HOSTED BY: The Pima County Clerk of the Superior Court, the Civil Rights Restoration Clinic of the James E. Rogers College of Law, University of Arizona, the Office of the Pima County Public
Defender, Second Chance, and the Primavera Foundation.”[%7B%22mechanism%22%3A%22bookmarks%22%2C%22surface%22%3A%22bookmarks_menu%22%2C%22extra_data%22%3A%22[]%22%7D%2C%7B%22surface%22%3A%22dashboard%22%2C%22mechanism%22%3A%22calendar_tab_event%22%2C%22extra_data%22%3A%22[]%22%7D]%2C%22ref%22%3A46%2C%22source%22%3A2%7D

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