Citizens Clean Elections debate – LD 9

Arizona Citizens Clean Election Commission has scheduled this debate for candidates running for LD 9, in the Democratic primary on 8/28/18.

LD 9 Senate candidates Jim Love and Victoria Steele are both running with public funding.  Steele served one term as a House member in this district (elected Nov. 2014).

Jim Love

Victoria Steele






Each House district has 2 seats. There are 3 candidates seeking these 2 seats:

LD 9 House Rep. Dr. Randy Friese


Rep.-Elect Pamela Powers Hannley

LD 9 House Rep.Pamela Powers Hannley

JP Martin

Rep. Dr. Randy Friese (private funding)

Rep. Pam Powers Hannley (public funding)

JP Martin, political newcomer  (private funding)


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  1. Carolyn Classen

    Video of this debate is now online at the CCEC site:

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