Councilman Steve Kozachik to sing at Sacred Space

October 8, 2017 @ 4:15 pm – 6:00 pm
Ward 6 Council office
3202 E 1st St
Tucson, AZ 85716

This Sunday 10/8/17
David Bornstein presents:

Insight Meditation as Spiritual Practice

“The benefits of regular meditation to our health and well-being are well documented: improvements to immune function, focus, overall happiness, decreases in cortisol levels, blood pressure, and feelings of being overwhelmed. Recent research even suggests that regular meditation slows the aging process and promotes longer life. 
However, perhaps it is the broader, mind- and heart-opening effects of Insight Meditation (IM) that have propelled the passing down of this tradition for nearly 2,600 years.
The two wings of IM practice, the cultivation of Wisdom and Compassion, lead to a life of deeper meaning.
In this class we will explore questions of:

                                     – What is meant by “Spiritual”?
                                     – What does “Insight Meditation” mean? Insight into what?
                                     – How does practice of IM deeped our sense of Spiritual                                                Connection?

Live music by Steve Kozachik begins at 4:15.”

“Before representing Ward 6 in Tucson City Council, Steve played guitar and sang in rock bands, and played sacred music and solo light rock. He’d put the guitar down for some time until 10 months ago, at a Sacred Space singalong. “I recognized during that singalong the quiet personal space was something I was lacking and have since then made a commitment to myself to carve out some time for reflective song before I end each day at the office. It’s centering, and allows me to put the stresses of the day behnd me before I head home.” Steve earned a BA and MEd from the University of Arizona, has served 29 years with the UA’s Athletics Department, and served 8 years on Tucson City Council.”

Sunday gatherings are held in the Community Room
at Tucson City Council Ward 6, 3202 E 1st Street
(one block south of Speedway,
one block east of Country Club).

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