Democracy for America: Night School in Communications

    Democracy for America
    Democracy for America Democracy for America: Night School in Communications
    More than 2,100 DFA members have been trained so far this year and we’re just getting started. Here is what some of our members are saying about Night School:

    “Your training was excellent… Right now, I don’t know exactly how I will be engaged for the fall election, but I know that I intend to be!” – Raye

    “I’ve really enjoyed and learned a lot all week from DFA Night School. I’m grateful and inspired! Good luck to us all!” – Jenny

    “Thank you for the last four nights. I have enjoyed it and found it very useful. Please keep me posted for future trainings, as this was my first series and I want to continue.” – Deb

    DFA’s Night School exists to help people like Raye, Jenny, and Deb — or possibly even you — gain the skills and confidence to run for office and support other progressives running for office.

    Every campaign has a story — a reason why your candidate is running or a reason why your issue is critical. Our May Night School training series is dedicated to principles and strategies for developing a compelling, emotional narrative that will engage voters and supporters. We will cover topics ranging from developing a message to crisis management.

    Spots are limited. Register now for DFA’s Night School training sessions on communications from May 5-8.

    Since 2006, DFA has trained more than 42,000 members in grassroots skills, tactics and strategy through our Night School program. The training is free, interactive and online. You can sign up for one session or all of them.

    We began with fundraising, then we covered field organizing, and now we are ending the spring with communications. Every month is focused on a key skill area because to win in 2014, we need well-trained Democrats who will stand up and fight for what’s right.

    If you plan on being involved in a progressive campaign this year, click here to sign up for one or more of DFA’s free online trainings from May 5-8.

    With trained candidates and strong campaigns, progressives will win across America in November.

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