DHS Active Shooter Preparedness Workshop

DHS Active Shooter Preparedness Workshop – Tucson, AZ


Given today’s ever-changing threat environment, preparing for and training employees to cope with active threats and workplace violence should be a key piece of an organization’s emergency action plan.

A Unique Training Opportunity

The Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center, Arizona Infragard, Tucson Electric Power and the National Protection and Programs Directorate Office of Infrastructure Protection is hosting a one-day Security Workshop to enhance awareness of, and response to, an active shooter event:

  • Educating participants on the history of active shooter events;
  • Describing common behavior, conditions, and situations associated with active shooters; and
  • Fostering communication between critical infrastructure owners and operators and local emergency response teams. This course includes discussions of interoperability, communications protocols, and best practices for planning, preparedness, and response.

Building Emergency Planning Capabilities

The event will also describe how to incorporate key elements of successful incident management into planning efforts including:

  • Communication and Incident Planning for employees;
  • Emergency Action Plan Development;
  • Recognizing Behavioral Indicators; and
  • Coordinating with First Responders.

 Who should Participate?

This event is open to:  

  • Corporate and facility security professionals from the private and public sectors;
  • Supervisory first responders;
  • Human Resource managers;
  • Law Enforcement;
  • Community Response officials; and
  • Homeland security representatives.


Registration (Begins at 7:30 A.M.)

8:30 A.M. Opening Remarks and Welcome

8:45 A.M. Guest Speaker

9:00 A.M Module 1

  • Recognition

10:00 A.M. Module 2

  • Prevention

11:00 A.M. Module 3

  • Protection

12:00 P.M. Lunch

1:00 P.M. Module 4

  • Mitigation

2:00 P.M. Module 5

  • Response

2:15 P.M. Break


3:00 P.M. Module 6

  • Recovery

3:45 P.M. – 4:00 P.M. Closing Remarks


  • A Federal, state, local government-issued ID (e.g., state issued drivers license) will be required for entry
  • For more information on the Active Shooter Preparedness Workshops, email: ASWorkshop@hq.dhs.gov
  • For more Active Shooter Preparedness information visit:http://WWW.dhs.gov/active-shooter-preparedness
  • At your request, Ms. Christine Figueroa or Mr. Keith Schenkel, your local DHS Protective Security Advisors (PSA) can provide additional information regarding DHS products and services that may be available to your organization.  A fact sheet on the DHS PSA program can be requested by emailing your local PSA at: christine.figueroa@hq.dhs.gov; keith.schenkel@hq.dhs.gov


  • Registration closes November 14, 2017 at 12:00 P.M. EST;
  • Limited seating is available; 2 slots per organization. Additional attendees will be approved on a case by case basis;
  • Note: If your plans change, please alert us, so we can accommodate others on the waiting list.”

REGISTRATION CLOSES at noon, November 14, 2017

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