Dr. Kris Olson-Garewal on Prison Medical Services at DGT

Dr. Kristin Olson-Garewal has been a doctor for 43 years. The child of a large Catholic family, Kris attended parochial schools while moving periodically due to her father’s civil engineering career and attended high school in Puerto Rico.

She received her Pre-Med and Medical degrees from Boston University.  During medical school, she took a year off during Med school to work in a clinic in the Guatemalan highland, completed 3 months of electives while working in Medellin, Colombia and completed her community medicine requirement with the United Farm Workers Clinics in Fresno, CA.

After 3 years of Internal Medicine residency in Boston, Dr. Olson-Garewal went to work at a federally-funded migrant health clinic in Oregon before moving to Arizona for her husband’s Oncology training and his subsequent career as Head of the VA Medical Center’s Oncology Department.

Dr. Olson-Garewal has worked as Medical Director for El Rio Clinic, University Family Care, ACCCHS, and CIGNA.  Returning to Tucson, she became a clinical researcher in bioethics and healthcare delivery (focused on the Yaqui Diabetes program) at the UA Med School.

After her husband’s passing, she entered the world of prison healthcare.  She has been working with CoreCivic, formerly CCA.

Dr. Olson-Garewal will be discussing the urgent need for prison doctors and her experience as a Physician in the Arizona Corrections system. 


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