End Operation Stonegarden: Remove ICE from Pima County Jail

“Join us, Wednesday August 7th, at 8:30am for a Press Conference outside the County building:

130 W. Congress Street

Immediately following, we ask the community to help us pack the Supervisors Meeting at 9:00am to demand a more just Pima County, which ends its complicity in the policies of family separation. (We encourage your participation in Call to the Public, but your presence is appreciated regardless.)

While the Free the Children Coalition was born out of the concern and community response to the recent child detention and family separation policy changes referred to as “Zero Tolerance” by the Department of Justice, we have also been applying pressure locally, to confront complicity on the County level.

In addition, and of equal importance, Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier made the decision in May of 2017, to invite Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) into the Pima County Jail to staff their own permanent desk. This decision has streamlined the process for local law enforcement to hand over undocumented residents, including mothers and fathers, to ICE quickly, without the need for detainer requests.

Let us be explicitly clear: the acceptance of Operation Stonegarden funds by Pima County has been separating families in our community since 2004. Giving ICE a desk in our jail, makes that separation even more commonplace. We can no longer accept policies that racially target migrant families within our communities.”


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