DGT First VP Nick Arnold on Arizona Energy Transition at DGT

November 19, 2018 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Dragon's View restaurant
400 N Bonita Ave
Tucson, AZ 85745


Nick Arnold

“Nick Arnold is an Arizona native who moved to Tucson to attend the University of Arizona.  As an undergraduate minoring in Environmental Studies, Nick interned with the Students for Sustainability on the Energy & Climate Committee where he helped organize a Power Dialog among students from ASU and U of A and state experts to discuss clean energy and how Arizona would meet the Clean Power Plan requirements.  Through the Dialog, he met Kirsten Engel and later became an intern to her successful 2016 campaign for the Arizona House.

He has served as DGT’s First Vice Chair since being elected interim mid-2017 and worked as Representative Kirsten Engel’s Campaign Manager for her 2018 re-election.  Nick received his BS in Systems Engineering in 2017 and is now pursuing a Master’s in Public Policy at U of A with a focus on energy law and policy. 
Given the defeat of Prop 127, Sandra Kennedy’s election to the Corporation Commission, and the increased attention to the role of utilities in politics, Nick will discuss what could come next for Arizona’s Energy Transition.”


Carolyn’s note:  Prop. 127, Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona is currently losing by a large margin (as votes are being tallied):

Yes  671,645  31.1%

No  1,448,259  68.9%

One response to “DGT First VP Nick Arnold on Arizona Energy Transition at DGT

  1. Nick spoke about the recent election of Republican Justin Olson and Democrat Sandra Kennedy to the Corporation Commission, and the recent defeat of Prop. 127. Arizona Public Service electric company (APS) spent 30 M to defeat this proposition by fear mongering, which led to erosion of credibility of parent company Pinnacle West. 43% of voters have negative opinion of APS, with primary reason being belief that they are motivate by profit increase. Nick spoke of many other energy topics: 2010 energy efficient standard, baseload energy generation, net-metering to store energy produced, 2012 Energy Conservation Code adopted by City of Tucson (but not State of AZ), demand/response w/ diagnosing of home energy use, electrified transportation to reduce petroleum based vehicles with high CO2 emissions, the Salt River Project, the Navajo Generation Station being decommissioned & loss of 850 jobs, Commissioner Andy Tobin’s proposed AZ Energy Modernization plan which includes nuclear power. Questions from audience were about Pinnacle West having any relationship w/ Koch Brothers, does anyone believe the IPPC report of only 12 years left to cut fossil fuels, is the shut down necessary for Navajo Generation Station & how affect the loss of jobs, any insight if Tobin’s plan will be enacted? LD 10 House Rep. Kirsten Engel present today, and thanked all for their help in LD 10 with election of Dem colleague.

    and updated is Nick’s power point talk: https://gallery.mailchimp.com/bdf71c190cb461faf4b0fde24/files/a1c53be6-a237-4e16-a5d5-44918fccaca7/AZEnergyTransitionDGT.pdf

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