Former House Rep. Phil Lopes on U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign at DGT

August 24, 2015 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Dragon's View restaurant
400 North Bonita Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85745
$10 Chinese buffet cash, $12 credit/debit, $3.50 drink only


Former AZ House  Rep. Phil Lopes, now Tucson Director of Progressive Democrats of Arizona (PDA) will speak on Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ campaign. Sanders is the junior U.S. Senator from Vermont.  This election will be in Nov. 2016.

One response to “Former House Rep. Phil Lopes on U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign at DGT

  1. Former Rep. Lopes spoke passionately about Senator Sanders who “wants to help ordinary people”, is an Independent U.S. Senator caucusing w/ the Democrats; is accepting no PAC $, refuses to attack his Democratic opponents for U.S. President, has a 12 point plan on his website May have some weaknesses with Black & Hispanic voters, gun control. Hopes to be on AZ Democratic Presidential Preference Election on March 22, 2016. Questions from the audience were about his foreign policy & immigration stands, environment, registering Independents to vote in the Dem Presidential Pref. election, how will he finance his campaign w/o PACs, why he thinks he can win the nomination, how will he work w/ Republicans in Congress. Lopes said that his largest crowd to date has been 28,000 people, largest donation is $31, and Sanders has said he will support the Dem Pres. nominee if not chosen. Big rally coming up on Oct. 11 for Bernie at Boondocks in Tucson. He’s apparently leading in the polls in N.H., closing the gap in Iowa.

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